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The Troggs lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hip Hip Hooray (1968) 01. Hip Hip Hooray [add]
02. You Can Cry If You Want To [add]
03. Say Darlin' [add]
04. Marbles and Some Gum [add]
05. Purple Shades [add]
06. Heads or Tails [add]
07. Surprise Surprise [add]
08. Little Girl [add]
09. Maybe the Madman [add]
10. Off the Record [add]
11. We Waited for Someone [add]
12. There's Something About You [add]
13. Lazy Weekend [add]
14. Let's Pull Together [add]
15. Young and Beautiful [add]
16. Everything's Funny [add]
17. Feels Like a Woman [add]
18. Listen to the Man [add]
19. Queen of Sorrow [add]
20. Strange Movies [add]
21. I'm on Fire [add]
22. 'S Down to You Marianne [add]
23. Hey Little Girl [add]

Love Is All Around (1968) 01. Love Is All Around lyrics
02. Night of the Long Grass [add]
03. Gonna Make You [add]
04. Any Way That You Want Me [add]
05. 66-5-4-3-2-1 [add]
06. When Will the Rain Come [add]
07. Little Girl [add]
08. I Can't Control Myself lyrics
09. Girl in Black [add]
10. Give It to Me (All Your Love) [add]
11. Cousin Jane [add]

The Trogg Tapes (1976) 01. Get You Tonight [add]
02. We Rode Through the Night [add]
03. A Different Me [add]
04. Down South to Georgia [add]
05. Gonna Make You [add]
06. Supergirl [add]
07. I'll Buy You an Island [add]
08. Rolling Stone [add]
09. After the Rain [add]
10. Rock & Roll Lady [add]
11. Walking the Dog [add]

Live at Max's Kansas City (1981) 01. Got Love If You Want It [add]
02. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [add]
03. Love Is All Around lyrics
04. Give It to Me [add]
05. Feels Like a Woman [add]
06. Strange Movie [add]
07. Summertime [add]
08. Walking the Dog [add]
09. Memphis [add]
10. No Particular Place to Go [add]
11. Wild Thing lyrics
12. Gonna Make You [add]

Athens Andover (1992) 01. Crazy Annie [add]
02. Together [add]
03. Tuned into Love [add]
04. Deja Vu [add]
05. Nowhere Road [add]
06. Dust Bowl [add]
07. I'm in Control [add]
08. Don't You Know [add]
09. What's Your Game [add]
10. Suspicious [add]
11. Hot Stuff [add]

Athens, Georgia & Beyond (1996) 01. I'm in Control [add]
02. Don't You Know [add]
03. What's Your Game [add]
04. Suspicious [add]
05. Hot Stuff [add]
06. Crazy Annie [add]
07. Together [add]
08. Tuned into Love [add]
09. D?j? Vu [add]
10. Nowhere Road [add]
11. Dust Bowl [add]
12. Summertime [add]
13. Good Vibrations [add]
14. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [add]
15. Down South to Georgia [add]
16. Walking the Dog [add]
17. I'll Buy You an Island [add]
18. Gonna Make You [add]

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