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Mikel Rouse lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Lincoln Portrait (1988) 01. Full Flow [add]
02. #2 [add]
03. High Frontier [add]
04. #1 [add]
05. Quick Thrust [add]
06. #3 [add]

Soul Menu (1993) 01. Copperhead [add]
02. Hope Chest [add]
03. Ranger [add]
04. Soul Menu [add]
05. Leading the Machine [add]

Living Inside Design (1994) 01. Forever Goodnight [add]
02. I Might Never Give Up [add]
03. Left in My Life [add]
04. Living Inside Design [add]
05. This Is All We Are [add]
06. Never Forget a Face [add]
07. Thinking About Myself [add]
08. Kiss Him Goodnight [add]
09. Light from a Trailer [add]

Failing Kansas (1995) 01. Prelude [add]
02. The Last to See Them Alive [add]
03. Like My Dream [add]
04. Persons Unknown [add]
05. A Brief History of My Boys Life [add]
06. Answer [add]
07. The Private Diary of Perry Edward Smith [add]
08. The Corner [add]
09. In Cold Blood [add]

Cameraworld (2001) 01. Fanfare [add]
02. Body and Soul [add]
03. When You Turn Your Face On [add]
04. Scene Machine [add]
05. The World Is Over [add]
06. Interlude 1 [add]
07. Missing Women [add]
08. Do Not Break Down [add]
09. Later [add]
10. Gum Life [add]
11. Interlude 2 [add]
12. Pure Sugar [add]
13. Bounce to Disc [add]
14. Profit Socket [add]
15. Thai Siege [add]

Music for Minorities (2005) 01. That's My Universe [add]
02. Those Days Long Gone [add]
03. Candy Cane [add]
04. Where Are Those Girls [add]
05. I Know Something's Wrong [add]
06. Rubber Feet [add]
07. Smokers Express [add]
08. Guide to Angels [add]
09. Johnny Dollar [add]
10. Love's Gun [add]
11. A President Up My Sleeve [add]
12. Passing Phase [add]
13. Change for My Baby [add]
14. How Was Your House [add]
15. Well, Wolf [DVD] [add]
16. A Japanese Cowboy [DVD] [add]
17. That's My Universe [DVD] [add]
18. Slime Is Real [DVD] [add]
19. Those Days Long Gone [DVD] [add]
20. Bathroom Window [DVD] [add]
21. Robber Feet [DVD] [add]
22. The Market Is Real [DVD] [add]
23. Smokers Express [DVD] [add]
24. Hang the Rail [DVD] [add]
25. Guide to Angels [DVD] [add]
26. Love Field [DVD] [add]
27. I Know Something's Wrong [add]
28. I'm at the Office [DVD] [add]
29. Johnny Dollar [DVD] [add]
30. Bring Me a Menu [DVD] [add]
31. Where Are Those Girls [DVD] [add]
32. A President Up My Sleeve [DVD] [add]
33. I Exploded into Hell [DVD] [add]
34. Passing Phase [DVD] [add]
35. Candy Cane [DVD] [add]
36. Change for My Baby [DVD] [add]
37. How Was Your House [DVD] [add]
38. End Credits [DVD] [add]

Test Tones (2005) 01. JC Love Field [add]
02. Only You Can Forgive Me [add]
03. This Is the Best [add]
04. Poor God [add]
05. Grace Lynn [add]
06. Pawn and Gun [add]
07. Daddy's Money [add]
08. Sarah and Erin [add]
09. Sunsations [add]
10. Test Tones [add]
11. Falling into Grace [add]
12. Before and After [add]
13. America's Belief [add]

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