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Joe Grushecky lyrics
Genre: Rock
Love's So Tough (1979) 01. I Can't Take It [add]
02. Hideaway [add]
03. Turn It Up [add]
04. Dance With Me [add]
05. Love So Tough [add]
06. Veronica [add]
07. Heroes Are Hard to Find [add]
08. Stay With Me Tonight [add]
09. I'm Lucky [add]

Have a Good Time But Get Out Alive (1980) 01. Have a Good Time (But Get Out Alive) [add]
02. Don't Let Them Push You Around [add]
03. Pumping Iron [add]
04. Hypnotized [add]
05. Price of Love [add]
06. Angela [add]
07. We're Not Dead Yet [add]
08. Blondie [add]
09. Old Man Bar [add]
10. Junior's Bar [add]
11. Runnin' Scared [add]
12. Rock Ola [add]

Swimming With the Sharks (1988) 01. Sweat It Out [add]
02. Swimming With the Sharks [add]
03. When the Crows Go Angry [add]
04. I Can't Control Myself [add]
05. Killer on the Loose [add]
06. Howling at the Moon [add]
07. Born to Love You [add]
08. Oh, Estelle [add]
09. I Won't Apologize [add]
10. Sad Sad Story [add]
11. It's the Same Thing [add]

Rock & Real (1989) 01. Rock and Real [add]
02. Memphis Queen [add]
03. Unsafe at Any Speed [add]
04. The Biddle Mine [add]
05. How Long [add]
06. Freedom's Hall [add]
07. Out of My Head [add]
08. Little Marie [add]
09. Ain't Goin' Down [add]
10. Rebel Music [add]
11. Daddy's Little Angel [add]

End of the Century (1992) 01. Talking to the King [add]
02. She's My Everything [add]
03. Bad Dream [add]
04. Loe to Blame [add]
05. No Man's Land [add]
06. End of the Century [add]
07. Oh Kathleen [add]
08. Silence of Your Arms [add]
09. Lighten Up [add]
10. Heart Is a Lonely Hunter [add]
11. Bells Still Toll [add]
12. Don't Give up the Ghost [add]

American Babylon (1995) 01. Dark and Bloody Ground [add]
02. Chain Smokin' [add]
03. Never Be Enough Time [add]
04. American Babylon [add]
05. Labor of Love [add]
06. What Did You Do in the War? [add]
07. Homestead [add]
08. Comin' Down Maria [add]
09. Talk Show [add]
10. No Strings Attached [add]
11. Billy's Waltz [add]
12. Only Lovers Left Alive [add]

Coming Home (1997) 01. Everything's Going to Work Out Right [add]
02. 1945 [add]
03. It's a Hell of a Life [add]
04. Feeling Better Now [add]
05. Gone But Not Forgotten [add]
06. Cheap Motel [add]
07. I'm Not Sleeping [add]
08. Coming Home [add]
09. Soul Survivor [add]
10. Idiot's Delight [add]
11. Touch the Rain [add]
12. In Our Little Room [add]
13. Innocence Is Beautiful [add]

Down the Road Apiece Live (1999) 01. No Strings Attached [add]
02. Brand New Cadillac [add]
03. Dark and Bloody Ground [add]
04. Dance With Me [add]
05. Idiot's Delight [add]
06. How Long [add]
07. Blood on the Bricks [add]
08. Everything's Going to Work Out Right [add]
09. Touch the Rain [add]
10. Talking to the King [add]
11. Pumping Iron [add]
12. Down the Road a Piece [add]
13. Hola Mi Amigo [add]

Fingerprints (2002) 01. You and Tonight [add]
02. I Remember It [add]
03. Fingerprints [add]
04. It's a Crazy World [add]
05. Lucky Man [add]
06. That's All I Want From You [add]
07. I Will Not Let My Spirit Fall [add]
08. Easy Money [add]
09. Rainy Day in Pittsburgh [add]
10. Talk Is Cheap [add]
11. Something to Cry About [add]
12. Spanish Blood [add]
13. On the Wall [add]
14. Hey Lefty [add]

True Companion (2004) 01. A Long Way to Go [add]
02. A Shot of Salvation [add]
03. Strange Days [add]
04. True Companion [add]
05. She's a Big Girl Now [add]
06. Count on You [add]
07. What Gives [add]
08. A Silver Spoon [add]
09. Dirty Water [add]
10. The Shape I'm In [add]
11. Call Him [add]

Five Alive in Spain (2006) 01. A Long Way to Go [DVD] [add]
02. A Shot of Salvation [DVD] [add]
03. Everything's Going to Work out Right [DVD] [add]
04. Pumping Iron [DVD] [add]
05. Lucky Man [DVD] [add]
06. It's a Crazy World [DVD] [add]
07. Chain Smokin' [DVD] [add]
08. What Gives [DVD] [add]
09. Strange Days [DVD] [add]
10. Fingerprints [DVD] [add]
11. Gimme Shelter [DVD] [add]
12. Homestead [DVD] [add]
13. Code of Silence [DVD] [add]
14. Talking to the King [DVD] [add]
15. Down the Road Apiece [DVD] [add]
16. True Companion [DVD] [add]
17. Love So Tough [DVD] [add]
18. Rebel Music [DVD] [add]

A Good Life (2006) 01. Code of Silence [add]
02. Is She the One [add]
03. Don't Forget Where You're Coming From [add]
04. A Good Life [add]
05. Beauty Fades [add]
06. Nothing Without You [add]
07. Too Hot to Think [add]
08. The Other Shoe [add]
09. Party Tonight [add]
10. Searching for My Soul [add]
11. Father and Son [add]
12. Safe at Home [add]
13. Lake Ponchartrain [*] [add]

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