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Tom Cochrane lyrics
Genre: Rock
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (1986) 01. Boy Inside the Man [add]
02. Love Under Fire [add]
03. Untouchable One [add]
04. Lasting Song [add]
05. Citizen Cain [add]
06. Ashes to Diamonds [add]
07. Loading [add]
08. Ocean Blues (Emotion Blues) [add]
09. River of Stone [add]
10. One More Time (Some Old Habits) [add]

Victory Day (1988) 01. Big League [add]
02. Victory Day [add]
03. Sons Beat Down [add]
04. Different Drummer [add]
05. Good Times [add]
06. Saved by the Dawn [instrumental] [add]
07. Calling America [add]
08. Vacation (In My Mind) [add]
09. Good Man (Feeling Bad) [add]
10. Not So Far Away [add]

Mad Mad World (1992) 01. Life Is a Highway lyrics
02. Mad Mad World lyrics
03. No Regrets [add]
04. Sinking Like a Sunset lyrics
05. Washed Away [add]
06. Everything Comes Around [add]
07. The Secret Is to Know When to Stop [add]
08. Brave and Crazy [add]
09. Bigger Man [add]
10. Friendly Advice [add]
11. Get Back Up [add]
12. Emotional Truth [add]
13. All the King's Men [add]

Ragged Ass Road (1995) 01. I Wish You Well [add]
02. Wildest Dreams [add]
03. Just Scream [add]
04. Paper Tigers [add]
05. Crawl [add]
06. Ragged Ass Road [add]
07. Flowers in the Concrete [add]
08. Dreamer's Dream [add]
09. Message (Rise up Again) [add]
10. Best Waste of Time [add]
11. Will of the Gun [add]
12. Song Before I Leave [add]

Songs of a Circling Spirit (1997) 01. Lunatic Fringe [add]
02. Paper Tigers [add]
03. Good Man (Feeling Bad) [add]
04. Brave and Crazy [add]
05. All the King's Men [add]
06. Dreamer's Dream [add]
07. Human Race [add]
08. Napoleon Sheds His Skin [add]
09. White Hot lyrics
10. Boy Inside the Man [add]
11. Washed Away [add]
12. I Wish You Well [add]

X-Ray Sierra (1999) 01. I Wonder [add]
02. Stonecutter's Arms [add]
03. Art of Listening [add]
04. Heartbreak Girl [add]
05. Willie Dixon Said [add]
06. Marianne and Lenny [add]
07. Beautiful Day [add]
08. Windy Night in Fall [add]
09. Piece of Your Soul [add]
10. This Is the World [add]
11. Northern Frontier [add]

Hang on to Your Resistance (2004) 01. Hang on to Your Resistance [add]
02. West Coast Saga [add]
03. Charlie Was a Dancer [add]
04. Didn't I Lorraine [add]
05. You're Driving Me Crazy (Faith Healers) [add]
06. I Wish That I Could (See You Now) [add]
07. Revelations: Visions in a Dream [add]
08. What's in You? [add]
09. When I'm With You [add]
10. Another Page [add]

No Stranger (2006) 01. The Party's Not Over [add]
02. Glide [add]
03. While You Are Young [add]
04. White Horse [add]
05. Didn't Mean [add]
06. Rough and Tumble [add]
07. Out of My Head [add]
08. Deep Breath [add]
09. Northern Star [add]
10. Since You Left Me [add]
11. Colour Blue [add]
12. Spirit in the Sky [add]

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