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Genre: Country
Country Love Songs (1996) 01. Every Kind of Music But Country [add]
02. Rock Bottom, Pop. 1 [add]
03. The Buck Starts Here [add]
04. (I Love) Nickels and Dimes [add]
05. Barely Human [add]
06. I'd Be Lonesome [add]
07. She Took a Lot of Pills (And Died) [add]
08. We'll Burn Together [add]
09. Let's Live Together [add]
10. The Scrapple Song [add]
11. Pete Way's Trousers [add]
12. Tears Only Run One Way [add]
13. Papa Was a Steel-Headed Man [add]

South Mouth (1997) 01. Goodbye, Good Lookin' [add]
02. I Told Her Lies [add]
03. Heart, I Wish You Were Here [add]
04. I Push Right Over [add]
05. Cold Statesville Ground [add]
06. Forgotten But Not Gone [add]
07. Busy Not Crying [add]
08. I Was Just Leaving [add]
09. What the Lord Hath Wrought (Any Fool Can Knock Down) [add]
10. Dirty-Mouthed Flo [add]
11. You Wouldn't Do That to Me [add]
12. Fuck This Town [add]
13. South Richmond Girl [add]

Let's Kill Saturday Night (1998) 01. Let's Kill Saturday Night [add]
02. Caroline [add]
03. Pretty Little Poison [add]
04. She Must Think I Like Poetry [add]
05. Bethelridge [add]
06. Take Me to the Paradise [add]
07. Little King [add]
08. You Shouldn't Have [add]
09. God Isn't Real [add]
10. Down in Her Arms [add]
11. Can't Win for Losing You [add]
12. Night Accident [add]
13. Stone River [add]

Couples in Trouble (2001) 01. In Bristol Town One Bright Day [add]
02. Anything for Love [add]
03. Dancing on the Ashes [add]
04. She Needs You Now [add]
05. My Tormentor [add]
06. Real Money [add]
07. Mad at a Girl [add]
08. Brenda's New Stepfather [add]
09. I've Got to Tell Myself the Truth [add]
10. Banks of the Marianne [add]
11. The Grip of Our Love [add]
12. Never Could [add]

13 Hillbilly Giants (2001) 01. Southern Comfort [add]
02. Cocktails [add]
03. I Want to Be Mama'd [add]
04. By the Law of My Heart [add]
05. Family Man [add]
06. Burn on Love Fire [add]
07. Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark [add]
08. Donna on My Mind [add]
09. We Live a Long Time to Get Old [add]
10. Lotta Lotta Women [add]
11. Knot Hole [add]
12. Act Like a Married Man [add]
13. Bury the Bottle With Me [add]

Georgia Hard (2005) 01. Where There's a Road [add]
02. It's Always Raining Somewhere [add]
03. Leave It to a Loser [add]
04. Georgia Hard [add]
05. I'm Gonna Take You Home (And Make You Like Me) [add]
06. Coldwater, Tennessee [add]
07. All You Can Cheat [add]
08. Countrier Than Thou [add]
09. If They Could Only See Me Now [add]
10. I Never Did Like Planes [add]
11. Each Night I Try [add]
12. Doin' Right (For All the Wrong Reasons) [add]
13. You Don't Want What I Have [add]
14. Right on Redd [add]
15. Goodbye, Cruel Girl [add]

Revenge! [live] (2007) 01. We're on the Road [add]
02. You Shouldn't Have [add]
03. Fixin' to Fall [add]
04. Mad at a Girl [add]
05. The Buck Starts Here [add]
06. Goodbye, Good-Lookin' [add]
07. Busy Not Crying [add]
08. You Don't Mean It [Soundcheck] [add]
09. Rock Bottom. Pop., Pt. 1 [add]
10. Cigarette State [add]
11. Let's Kill Saturday Night [add]
12. Introductory Remarks by Amy Warren [add]
13. That's a Good Enough Reason [add]
14. Believe [add]
15. In Bristol Town One Bright Day [add]
16. I Wanna Be Mama'd [add]
17. Fake Jews Everywhere/The Death of Enthusiasm [add]
18. I Like Being Left Alone lyrics
19. Bluebirds Are Singing for Me [add]
20. On a Real Good Day [add]
21. President Garfield's Hornpipe/Suza [add]
22. Kelly Hogan's Looking Hot/Closing Remarks [add]
23. Away out on the Old Saint Sabbath [add]

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