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The Ominous Seapods lyrics
Genre: Rock
Guide to Roadside Ecology (1995) 01. Instapop [add]
02. Animal [add]
03. 1/4 LB. [add]
04. Seymour [add]
05. Candy Cane Flame [add]
06. As I Stand Here Now [add]
07. Tortured in My Sleep [add]
08. Gunshot Static [add]
09. I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon [add]
10. Serpents in the Sand [add]
11. Tragedy [add]
12. Waiting Room [add]
13. Blackberry Brandy [add]

Econobrain [live] (1995) 01. Intro [add]
02. The Old GP [add]
03. John Henry's Hammer [add]
04. Everyday Nice Day [add]
05. Anything Is Possible [add]
06. Millworker's Lament [add]
07. Hey Donnie Osmond (Why Do You Walk That Way) [add]
08. Tells It Like It Is [add]
09. Michael Murphy [add]
10. Room of Ruins [add]

Jet Smooth Ride (1997) 01. Waiting 4 the Bomb to Drop [add]
02. Some Days [add]
03. Jet Smooth Ride [add]
04. Theme for Another Enlightened Rougue [add]
05. Sad, Sad Corner [add]
06. Final Destination [add]
07. Humanature [add]
08. Branch's House [add]
09. Josephine's Grand Motion [add]
10. Counting Time [add]
11. Jet Smooth Ride (Reprise) [add]
12. Millworker's Lament [add]

Matinee Idols: Late Show [live] (1998) 01. Intro [add]
02. Blackberry Brandy [add]
03. Tortured Mind [add]
04. No Time Like the Present [add]
05. Cary Suite [add]
06. Anything Is Possible [add]
07. Oberon and Titania [add]
08. Passengers en Route [add]
09. Hope I Shall Arrive Soon [add]
10. John Henry's Hammer [add]
11. Leaving the Monopole [add]

Superman Curse (2000) 01. Too Much Fire on the Brain [add]
02. For Now [add]
03. Good to Be Alive (For a Change) [add]
04. Imaginary Money [add]
05. Tornado Rain [add]
06. Money to Burn [add]
07. What I Saw [add]
08. Bong Hits & Porn [add]
09. In Good Time [add]
10. Thought About It [add]
11. The Super Man Curse [add]
12. Hey Donny Osmond [*] [add]
13. Come Back Again [*] [add]
14. Ziggy Stardust [*] [add]

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