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Rosie Flores lyrics
Genre: Country
Rosie Flores (1987) 01. Crying Over You [add]
02. Midnight to Moonlight lyrics
03. Lovin' in Vain [add]
04. God May Forgive You (But I Won't) [add]
05. Heart Beats to a Different Drum [add]
06. Blue Side of Town [add]
07. Somebody Lies Somebody Wins [add]
08. Heartbreak Train [add]
09. Turn Around [add]
10. I Gotta Know [add]

After the Farm (1992) 01. More to Offer [add]
02. Price You Pay [add]
03. Blue Highway [add]
04. This Loneliness [add]
05. Sold on You [add]
06. That's Me [add]
07. Goin' Through the Motions [add]
08. Oh Heartache [add]
09. Dream Dream Blue [add]
10. Dent in My Heart [add]
11. West Texas Plains [add]

Once More With Feeling (1993) 01. Someday [add]
02. My Blue Angel [add]
03. Love and Danger [add]
04. Try Me [add]
05. Ruin This Romance [add]
06. Bandera Highway [add]
07. It's Over [add]
08. Honky Tonk Moon [add]
09. Girl Haggard [add]
10. Real Man [add]
11. Rosebud Blues [add]
12. Tumblin' Down [add]

Rockabilly Filly (1995) 01. Crazy Mixed Emotions [add]
02. Blues Keep Callin' [add]
03. His Rockin' Little Angel [add]
04. Wrong Side of His Heart [add]
05. Boxcars [add]
06. Poor Girl's Town [add]
07. Hard Times lyrics
08. Stranger [add]
09. Walking Dream [add]
10. You Tear Me Up [add]
11. Bop Street [add]
12. Rock Your Baby [add]
13. Don't Let Our Love Die [add]

A Little Bit of Heartache (1997) 01. This Song Is Just for You [add]
02. Separate Ways [add]
03. Where Honky-Tonk Angels Spread Their Wings [add]
04. The Train Kept A Rollin' [add]
05. All I Have to Do Is Dream [add]
06. I'm Gonna Wear the Pants [add]
07. Bandera Highway [add]
08. There Ain't a Cow in Texas [add]
09. A Little Bit of Heartache [add]
10. Eighteen Wheels [add]
11. If Teardrops Were Pennies [add]
12. Joe and Ole Merle [add]
13. My Baby's a Doin' Alright [add]
14. Living on Love [add]
15. Crazy [add]
16. Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello [add]

Dance Hall Dreams [live] (1999) 01. Little Bit More [add]
02. We'll Survive [add]
03. Tremolo [add]
04. Who's Gonna Fix It Now [add]
05. Funnel of Love [add]
06. From Where I Stand [add]
07. Bring It On [add]
08. The Man Downstairs [add]
09. '59 Tweedle Dee [add]
10. This Ol' Honky Tonk [add]
11. It Came from Memphis [add]
12. Dance Hall Dreams [add]

Speed of Sound (2001) 01. Rock-A-Bye Boogie [add]
02. Don't Know If I'm Comin' or Goin' [add]
03. Hot Dog [add]
04. Devil Love [add]
05. Don't Take It Away [add]
06. Speed of Sound [add]
07. Somebody's Someone [add]
08. Somewhere Down the Line [add]
09. I Push Right Over [add]
10. Country Boy [add]

Single Rose [live] (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Palamino Days [add]
03. Intro to Track 4 [add]
04. Mornin' Light [add]
05. Intro to Track 5 [add]
06. Aromatherapy Cowgirl [add]
07. Single Rose [add]
08. Intro to Track 8 [add]
09. It's Over [add]
10. Intro to Track 10 [add]
11. Daddy's Lullaby [add]
12. Heartbreak Train [add]
13. Intro to Track 12 [add]
14. West Texas Plains [add]
15. Boxcars [add]
16. '59 Tweedle Dee [add]
17. Intro to Track 17 [add]
18. Midnight to Moonlight lyrics
19. Intro to Track 19 [add]
20. Bandera Highway [add]
21. Intro to Track 20 [add]
22. Little Bit More [add]
23. Country Boy (Girl) [add]
24. Outro [add]

Christmasville (2005) 01. Little Saint Nick [add]
02. Christmas Every Day [add]
03. Blue Christmas [add]
04. Christmas on West Mistletoe [add]
05. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies [add]
06. Christmasville [add]
07. Secret Santa [add]
08. My Christmas Tree Is Hung with Tears [add]
09. Run Run Rudolph [add]
10. Whatcha Waitin' for Christmas [add]
11. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) [add]

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