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Guitar Gangsters lyrics
Genre: Rock
Money with Menaces (1991) 01. Dream That Dream [add]
02. Seventeen Again [add]
03. All the World's a Television [add]
04. Bad, Bad Girl [add]
05. Wild Weekend [add]
06. Get Me Out [add]
07. I'm Not Too Scared to Dance [add]
08. Rubber Hammer [add]
09. Readers Wives [add]
10. Yellow House [add]
11. Pray All Day [add]

Power Chords for England (2000) 01. Little Miss Mystery [add]
02. City of the Damned [add]
03. Bitter Sweet But True [add]
04. Strange Kind of Love [add]
05. All Over the World [add]
06. Innocent Eyes [add]
07. She's My Kind [add]
08. Radio Authority [add]
09. A Boy Like Me [add]
10. Playing Games Again [add]
11. In My World [add]
12. When Guitars Ruled the Earth [add]

Roads to Reality (2000) 01. Crash & Burn [add]
02. Desire [add]
03. Juicy Fruit [add]
04. Too Little Too Late Too Bad [add]
05. Stranger in My Own Street [add]
06. Running Scared [add]
07. Hamster Box [add]
08. Outrage Corporation [add]
09. Lord of the Dance [add]
10. Skin and Blister [add]
11. Schedule Ten [add]
12. Overkill [add]
13. Bye Bye Beach [add]
14. Drink to Get Happy [add]

Prohibition/Money With Menaces (2000) 01. Nothing to Shout About [add]
02. Turn the Tables [add]
03. What Did I Do (This Time) lyrics
04. That's When the Razor Cuts [add]
05. Everybody Wants to Be My Friend [add]
06. It Must Be Physical lyrics
07. Radio Shakedown lyrics
08. It's So Sad lyrics
09. Gotta Get out of Here [add]
10. Long Division lyrics
11. Endless Saturday Night lyrics
12. Dream That Dream [add]
13. Seventeen Again [add]
14. All the Worlds a Television [add]
15. Bad Bad Girl [add]
16. Wild Weekend [add]
17. Get Me Out [add]
18. I'm Not Too Scared to Dance [add]
19. Rubber Hammer [add]
20. Readers Wives [add]
21. The Yellow House [add]
22. Pray All Day [add]

Another Day in Pleasantville (2002) 01. Tarantino's Son [add]
02. Wake Up Dead [add]
03. Another Day in Pleasantville [add]
04. Rattle My Cage [add]
05. Bad to the Bone [add]
06. Field of Dreams [add]
07. More to Life [add]
08. Safety Pin Through My Heart [add]
09. Serve Yourself [add]
10. Damned [add]
11. Moose [add]
12. Johnny Foreigner [add]
13. Fight Back [add]
14. Sucker for the System [add]
15. Sixteen Years [add]
16. Growing a Brain [add]

Let 'Em Have It (2005) 01. It't Only Punk [add]
02. She Gives Me Stereo [add]
03. Going to London [add]
04. One Night Stand [add]
05. Can't Take My Eyes Off You [add]
06. Big Machine [add]
07. Inside Outside [add]
08. Shot Down [add]
09. Money in My Pocket [add]
10. Another City Night [add]
11. Faith [add]
12. To Be a God [add]
13. Wild at Heart [add]
14. Undefeated [add]

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