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Guy Clark lyrics
Genre: Country
Old No. 1 (1975) 01. Rita Ballou lyrics
02. L.A. Freeway [add]
03. She Ain't Goin' Nowhere lyrics
04. A Nickel for the Fiddler [add]
05. That Old Time Feeling lyrics
06. Texas, 1947 [add]
07. Desperados Waiting for a Train lyrics
08. Like a Coat from the Cold lyrics
09. Instant Coffee Blues lyrics
10. Let Him Roll lyrics

Texas Cookin' (1976) 01. Texas Cookin' lyrics
02. Anyhow, I Love You [add]
03. Virginia's Real lyrics
04. It's About Time lyrics
05. Good to Love You Lady [add]
06. Broken Hearted People lyrics
07. Black Haired Boy lyrics
08. Me I'm Feeling the Same [add]
09. The Ballad of Laverne and Captain Flint [add]
10. The Last Gunfighter Ballad lyrics

Guy Clark (1978) 01. Fool on the Roof [add]
02. Fools for Each Other [add]
03. Shade of All Greens [add]
04. Voil?, An American Dream [add]
05. One Paper Kid lyrics
06. In the Jailhouse Now [add]
07. Comfort and Crazy [add]
08. Don't You Take It Too Bad lyrics
09. Houston Kid [add]
10. Fool on the Roof [add]

The South Coast of Texas (1981) 01. Who Do You Think You Are [add]
02. Crystelle [add]
03. New Cut Road [add]
04. Rita Ballou lyrics
05. South Coast of Texas lyrics
06. Heartbroke lyrics
07. The Partner Nobody Chose [add]
08. She's Crazy for Leavin' [add]
09. Calf-Rope [add]
10. Lone Star Hotel [add]

Better Days (1983) 01. Blowin' Like a Bandit [add]
02. Better Days lyrics
03. Homegrown Tomatoes lyrics
04. Supply & Demand [add]
05. The Randall Knife [add]
06. The Carpenter [add]
07. Uncertain Texas lyrics
08. No Deal lyrics
09. Tears [add]
10. Fool in the Mirror [add]

Old Friends (1989) 01. Old Friends lyrics
02. Hands lyrics
03. All Through Throwin' Good Love After Bad lyrics
04. Immigrant Eyes lyrics
05. Heavy Metal lyrics
06. Come from the Heart lyrics
07. The Indian Cowboy [add]
08. To Live Is to Fly lyrics
09. Watermelon Dream lyrics
10. Doctor Good Doctor lyrics

Boats to Build (1992) 01. Baton Rouge lyrics
02. Picasso's Mandolin lyrics
03. How'd You Get This Number lyrics
04. Boats to Build lyrics
05. Too Much lyrics
06. Ramblin' Jack & Mahan [add]
07. I Don't Love You Much Do I lyrics
08. Jack of All Trades lyrics
09. Madonna w/Child ca. 1969 [add]
10. Must Be My Baby lyrics

Dublin Blues (1995) 01. Dublin Blues lyrics
02. Black Diamond Strings lyrics
03. Shut up and Talk to Me lyrics
04. Stuff That Works lyrics
05. Hank Williams Said It Best lyrics
06. The Cape [add]
07. Baby Took a Limo to Memphis lyrics
08. Tryin' to Try lyrics
09. Hangin' Your Life on the Wall lyrics
10. The Randall Knife [add]

Keepers [live] (1997) 01. L.A. Freeway [add]
02. Texas, 1947 [add]
03. Like a Coat from the Cold lyrics
04. Heartbroke lyrics
05. The Last Gunfighter Ballad lyrics
06. Better Days lyrics
07. Homegrown Tomatoes lyrics
08. She Ain't Goin' Nowhere lyrics
09. South Coast of Texas lyrics
10. That Old Time Feeling lyrics
11. A Little of Both [add]
12. Out in the Parking Lot lyrics
13. Let Him Roll lyrics
14. Texas Cookin' lyrics
15. Desperados Waiting for a Train lyrics

Cold Dog Soup (1999) 01. Cold Dog Soup lyrics
02. Fort Worth Blues lyrics
03. Sis Draper lyrics
04. Ain't No Trouble to Me lyrics
05. Water Under the Bridge lyrics
06. Forever, for Always, for Certain [add]
07. Men Will Be Boys lyrics
08. Indian Head Penny lyrics
09. Bunkhouse Blues lyrics
10. Red River lyrics
11. Die Tryin' lyrics
12. Be Gone Forever lyrics

The Dark (2002) 01. Mud [add]
02. Arizona Star [add]
03. Magnolia Wind [add]
04. Soldier's Joy, 1864 [add]
05. Dancin' Days [add]
06. Homeless [add]
07. Off the Map [add]
08. Bag of Bones [add]
09. She Loves to Ride Horses [add]
10. Rex's Blues [add]
11. Queenie's Song [add]
12. The Dark [add]

Workbench Songs (2006) 01. Walking Man [add]
02. Magdalene [add]
03. Tornado Time in Texas [add]
04. Funny Bone [add]
05. Expos? [add]
06. Out in the Parkin' Lot [add]
07. No Lonesome Tune [add]
08. Cinco de Mayo in Memphis [add]
09. Analog Girl [add]
10. Worry B Gone [add]
11. Diamond Joe [add]

Live from Austin, TX (2007) 01. Texas 1947 lyrics
02. L.A. Freeway (Pack Up All Your Dishes) [add]
03. The Carpenter [add]
04. Old Friends lyrics
05. Come from the Heart lyrics
06. I'm All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad [add]
07. Randall Knife lyrics
08. Immigrant Eyes lyrics
09. Desperados Waiting for a Train lyrics
10. The Last Gunfighter Ballad lyrics
11. New Cut Road [add]
12. Better Days lyrics
13. Homegrown Tomatoes lyrics
14. To Live Is to Fly lyrics
15. Texas Cookin' lyrics

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