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Mermen lyrics
Genre: Rock
Only You [live] (0000) 01. Presidio Resounding-The Fog Master and Introductions (John ...) [add]
02. Brine (The Smell Beneath the Stage) [add]
03. Varykino Snow [add]
04. Curve [add]
05. Slaves of the Master of Silence-Scalp Salad [add]
06. We Heart Phil Dirt [add]
07. Casbah [add]
08. Announcements [add]
09. To Be Naked and Fresh Is Always Hard [add]
10. The Whales [add]
11. Love Connection [add]
12. My Black Bag [add]
13. Thank You for the Beer [add]
14. Jim's Dream [add]
15. Joni Mitchell's House [add]
16. Penetration [add]
17. Into the West [add]
18. Thank You, Goodnight [add]

Krill Slippin' (1989) 01. Ocean Beach [add]
02. Krill Slippin' [add]
03. Neptune's Revenge [add]
04. Splashin' With the Mermaid [add]
05. Kaena [add]
06. Over the Falls [add]
07. Run Don't Walk [add]
08. Sand [add]
09. The Drift [add]
10. Big Day at the Bay [add]
11. Hammer Head [add]
12. Abalone Daze [add]
13. Soul Surfin' [add]
14. The Whales [add]
15. By the Sea I Will Stay Together [add]
16. The Goodbye [add]

Food for Other Fish [live] (1994) 01. Be My Noir [add]
02. The Silly Elephant Who Stomped to Tea [add]
03. Raglan [add]
04. My Black Bag [add]
05. Honeybomb [add]
06. Bondage of the Sea [add]
07. Ocean Beach [add]
08. Madagasgar [add]
09. Into the West [add]
10. The Drift [add]
11. Pull of the Moon [add]
12. Dancing in Her Sleep [add]

Live at the Haunted House (1994) 01. Pull of the Moon [add]
02. Honeybomb [add]
03. Lonely Road (Krill Slippin') [add]
04. Cashbah-America [add]
05. Into the West - Be My Noir [add]
06. My Black Bag [add]
07. Gulch of Spleens [add]
08. Quiet Surf [add]
09. The Whales Are Coming and Boy Are They Pissed (The Victor-Latinia-Mise ... [add]
10. Unkown [add]
11. Spalshing With the Mermaid [add]
12. Penetration [add]
13. Slo Mo HVO [add]

A Glorious Lethal Euphoria (1995) 01. The Drowning Man Knows His God [add]
02. Pulpin' Line [add]
03. Quo Me Cunque Rapit Tempestas, Deforor Hospes [add]
04. Lizards [add]
05. With No Definite Future and No Purpose Other Than to Prevail Somehow... [add]
06. Blue Xoam [add]
07. Under the Kou Tree [add]
08. Scalp Salad [add]
09. Obsession for Men [add]
10. Drub [add]
11. The Intractable Boy [add]
12. Between I and Thou [add]
13. And the Flowers They'll Bloom [add]
14. Brahms 3rd Movement 3rd Symphony [add]

Songs of the Cows (1996) 01. Curve [add]
02. Slipping the Glimpse [add]
03. Intro [Radio Expendable] [add]
04. Varykino Show [add]
05. A Heart With Paper Walls [add]
06. Me and Her [add]
07. Brain Wash [medley] [add]

Sunken Treasure [live] (1999) 01. Pulpin' Line [add]
02. With No Definite Future and No Purpose Other Than to Prevail Somehow... [add]
03. Scalp Salad [add]
04. Curve [add]
05. Joni Mitchell's House [add]
06. Varykino Snow [add]
07. The Silly Elephant Who Stomped to Tea [add]
08. Blue Xoam [add]
09. Latin'ia [add]
10. Casbah [add]
11. Dancing in Her Sleep [add]
12. Drub [add]

Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show (2000) 01. Unto the Resplendent [add]
02. White Trash Raga [add]
03. Merry-Go-Round [add]
04. Miki's Lush Beehive [add]
05. Sway [add]
06. Walking the Peach [add]
07. Emmylou Rides Clarence West and the South [add]
08. To Be Naked and French Is Always Hard [add]
09. Bare White [add]
10. Little Stinky Kitty [add]
11. Sponge Cookie [add]
12. Heart Beatitude [add]
13. Burn Intro [add]
14. Burn [add]

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