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James Lee Stanley lyrics
Genre: Folk
James Lee Stanley Too (1976) 01. Tried to Keep It Together [add]
02. Freeway Wine [add]
03. You Need Two [add]
04. Little Applause [add]
05. This Could Be Goodbye [add]
06. Hello Babe [add]
07. Natural Sugar [add]
08. You into Me (We Can Make It) [add]
09. Wishing Well [add]
10. Lydia (A Song of Seduction) [add]

Three's the Charm (1977) 01. Windmill [add]
02. Eclipse [add]
03. Plenty of Reason (For Going) [add]
04. Tale from a Blue Comet [add]
05. Growing Panes [add]
06. Getaway [add]
07. Caduceus Blues (Cortisone) [add]
08. Every Reason [add]
09. Round Round [add]
10. Come on In [add]
11. Star [add]

Midnight Radio (1980) 01. Anywhere Love Goes [add]
02. Just Like Love [add]
03. Midnight Radio [add]
04. Rowboat in the Attic [add]
05. Worry 'Bout You [add]
06. Too Late Now [add]
07. I Don't Care [add]
08. Born to Love You [add]
09. In Your Pocket [add]
10. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues [add]

Eclipse (1982) 01. Eclipse [add]
02. Wishing Well [add]
03. Where Am I Now? [add]
04. There Is a Woman [add]
05. Round Round [add]
06. Freeway Wine [add]
07. Tried to Keep It Together [add]
08. Little Applause [add]
09. Star [add]
10. Every Reason [add]
11. Come on In [add]
12. Pleanty of Reason [add]

Ripe Four Distraction (1988) 01. Touch Like Magic [add]
02. Everyday [add]
03. I Don't Want to Talk About It [add]
04. All I Ever Wanted [add]
05. Me and the Movie Queen [add]
06. Ripe for Distraction [add]
07. Take It from Me [add]
08. (Don't Go) Talkin' to Strangers [add]
09. My My (Chiaroscuro) [add]
10. Welcome to the Greenhouse [add]
11. Just Keep It Up [add]

Simpatico (1988) 01. Three Monkeys [add]
02. Same Olde Samba [add]
03. Man in the Mirror [add]
04. The Jackal [add]
05. The Rhythm of Your Lies [add]
06. Salvador [add]
07. The Spark [add]
08. Saving My Heart [add]
09. The Dancer [add]
10. Two Wrongs [add]

The Envoy (1991) 01. Political Party [add]
02. Wishing Well [add]
03. The Covenant [add]
04. Now That I'm Naked [add]
05. Out of Time [add]
06. Some Say [add]
07. Flowers for the Living [add]
08. Once Touched by Flame [add]
09. Make It Tonight [add]
10. The Cool of the Day [add]

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) 01. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues [add]
02. Worry 'Bout You [add]
03. Born to Love You [add]
04. YoYo Dance [add]
05. Clockworks [add]
06. Racing the Moon [add]
07. Give Yourself Away [add]
08. Open Your Eyes [add]
09. I Only Have Eyes for You [add]

Domino Harvest (1995) 01. Fairweather Town [add]
02. Are You the One [add]
03. Never Call Me Here [add]
04. Everybody Knows [add]
05. Just Like Love [add]
06. Jericho Wind [add]
07. Dirty Job [add]
08. Daughter Divine [add]
09. Daddy's Eyes [add]
10. The Wedding Song [add]
11. Natural Sugar [add]
12. When Love Comes Knockin' [add]

Freelance Human Being (1998) 01. When Love Comes Knockin Around (Intro) [add]
02. Freeway Wine [add]
03. Daughter Divine [add]
04. Jericho Wind [add]
05. I Don't Want to Talk About It [add]
06. Take It from Me [add]
07. Somewhere in Between [add]
08. Three Monkey's Prelude [add]
09. Three Monkeys [add]
10. Some Say [add]
11. All the Time [add]
12. Fat Angel [add]
13. When Love Comes Knockin Around [add]

Two Man Band Two (2002) 01. Stranded [add]
02. There [add]
03. Only One Lonely One [add]
04. Keep Me in Mind [add]
05. Somewhere in Between [add]
06. Saving My Heart [add]
07. Train [add]
08. Rain [add]
09. Long Way from Home [add]
10. Soon Enough [add]
11. Saving Grace [add]

Traces of the Old Road (2003) 01. Just Like Thom Thumb's Blues [add]
02. Last Day of Summer [add]
03. One Heart Falling [add]
04. You'll Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine [add]
05. Stolen Season [add]
06. Harris Creek Shuffle [add]
07. Long Way from Home [add]
08. Stop This Rain [add]
09. Too Many People [add]
10. Just Let It Go [add]
11. Anywhere Love Goes [add]

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