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Sherbet lyrics
Genre: Rock
Howzat (1977) 01. Howzat lyrics
02. Lady of the Night [add]
03. Gimme Love [add]
04. If I Had My Way [add]
05. Hollywood Dreaming [add]
06. Dancer [add]
07. Blueswalkin [add]
08. Motor of Love [add]
09. The Swap (You Can Get the Lot) [add]
10. Can't Find True Love [add]
11. I'll Be Coming Home [add]

Magazine (1977) 01. High Hollin' [add]
02. Magazine [add]
03. Madonna [add]
04. Midsummer Madness [add]
05. Summer Love lyrics
06. I Got Love [add]
07. You've Got the Gun [add]
08. Live Is Fine [add]
09. Still in Love With You [add]
10. Way I Am [add]
11. Rock Me Gently [add]

Photoplay (1977) 01. High Rollin' [add]
02. Magazine Madonna [add]
03. Midsummer Madness [add]
04. What Do You Do? [add]
05. I Got Love [add]
06. You've Got the Gun [add]
07. Love Is Fine [add]
08. Still in Love With You [add]
09. The Way I Am [add]
10. Rock Me Gently [add]

The Skill (1980) 01. I Have the Skill [add]
02. Back to Zero [add]
03. Cindy in the Night [add]
04. I'll Be Faster [add]
05. Never Surrender [add]
06. No Turning Back [add]
07. Love You to Death [add]
08. Into the Heat [add]
09. I'm O.K. [add]
10. Juliet and Me [add]
11. Parallel Bars [add]

Life Is for Living (1998) 01. Arrival [add]
02. Survival [add]
03. Life lyrics
04. I Wanna' Live [add]
05. Only One You [add]
06. Matter of Time [add]
07. Just Being You [add]
08. Bluesong [add]
09. I've Been in It Too Long [add]
10. Where Do We Go? [add]
11. Survival (Reprise) [add]

On with the Show (1998) 01. We Can Make It Right [add]
02. Summer Satisfaction [add]
03. Jubilee Morning [add]
04. Cassandra [add]
05. Roll Me Over [add]
06. Chicago [add]
07. Jungle Jiver lyrics
08. Sweet Valentine [add]
09. Au Revoir [add]

Slipstream (1998) 01. Slipstream lyrics
02. Endless Place [add]
03. Wild Love [add]
04. Another Hustler [add]
05. What Is It All About? [add]
06. Freedom [add]
07. Silvery Moon lyrics
08. Handy Mandy [add]
09. When the Sunshine Turns to Grey [add]
10. Earthquake in My Head [add]
11. So Glad You're Mine lyrics

Time Change: A Natural Progression (1998) 01. You've Got the Gun [add]
02. Thinkin' About You [add]
03. Midnight Blues [add]
04. Do It [add]
05. Time Change [add]
06. Love the One You're With [add]
07. Movie Star [add]
08. Can You Feel It Baby lyrics
09. Free the People [add]
10. You're All Woman [add]

Defying Gravity (1999) 01. We Ride Tonight [add]
02. Free the Sailor [add]
03. Steppin' on Ice [add]
04. Blood on My Hands [add]
05. We Can Make It [add]
06. I'm Alive [add]
07. The Danger Zone [add]
08. Some People [add]
09. The Escape [add]
10. I Wanna Lay With You [add]
11. Defying Gravity [add]

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