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Genre: Folk
Freshwater (2000) 01. White Squall [add]
02. Carpe Diem (Belly up in the Bay) [add]
03. My Truck [add]
04. Yo Daddy [add]
05. Blue Catawba Moon [add]
06. Great Lakes Song lyrics
07. Body Parts [add]
08. Out Drinkin' [add]
09. On the Water [add]
10. Walleye Willy [add]
11. Vermilion [add]

Great American Saturday Nite (2000) 01. Bells in Hell [add]
02. Here in the North lyrics
03. Never Lie About Fish [add]
04. I Ain't Drunk, I Just Been Drinkin' [add]
05. Father's Last Word [add]
06. Great American Saturday Nite [add]
07. Dressed Again [add]
08. Two of a Kind [add]
09. I'm So Good, I Don't Have to Brag [add]
10. Simple Kind of Man [add]
11. Being Me [add]
12. You're There [add]

Looking Back (2000) 01. Travelin' Guitar Man [add]
02. Whiskey Morning [add]
03. Put in Bay [Original Version] [add]
04. I'm Hungry [add]
05. North of California '59 [add]
06. Get Your Ass to Cleveland [add]
07. Flight 121 [add]
08. Legend of the Lake [add]
09. Curt's Song [add]
10. Davis Besse [add]
11. Queen of the Roundhouse [add]
12. Walleye [live] [add]
13. What You Got Against Fish [add]
14. After the Fire [add]
15. Old Conch Town [add]
16. Great Dog Convention [add]
17. Eye Doctor [add]
18. What Goes Around [add]
19. Songwriter's Lament [add]
20. Great Lakes Song lyrics
21. Put in Bay [live] [add]

Raw Bars (2000) 01. It's So Big [add]
02. Nymphomaniac (Perfect Woman) [add]
03. Biological Clock [add]
04. Doobie and a Brew [add]
05. My Puddin's Puttin' Out [add]
06. Just How Drunk Are We Gonna Get lyrics
07. You Don't Have to Be Drunk [add]
08. Raw Bars [add]
09. Resident Rapper [add]
10. Don't It Get You Right Here [add]
11. I've Got to Be Drunk to Do That [add]
12. Aphrodisiac (Oysters) [add]

Shore Lines (2000) 01. Forty Five Years from Now [add]
02. Cotton Duggan [add]
03. The Mermaid of Ontario [add]
04. Wishin' I Was Fishin' [add]
05. Lost at Sea [add]
06. South Shore Serenade [add]
07. Piano Joe [add]
08. Florisa Keys [add]
09. The Old Wooden Lyman [add]
10. River of Stars [add]
11. Needle and Pins [add]
12. South Passage [add]

Exposed (2002) 01. Songwriter's Lament [live] [add]
02. Travelin' Guitar Man [add]
03. Put-In-Bay [live] [add]
04. Just How Drunk Are We Gonna Get lyrics
05. Kurt's Song [add]
06. Great Lakes Song lyrics
07. Nymphomaniac [add]
08. Walleye [live] [add]
09. Legend of the Lake [add]
10. Get Yer Ass to Cleveland [add]

Underwater Land (2002) 01. Underwater Land [add]
02. Land Shark [add]
03. Fish Breath [add]
04. Cuttlefish [add]
05. Bubba Barracuda [add]
06. Ickity-Ackity [add]
07. Found Flounder [add]
08. Fred the Trout [add]
09. Dale and Shale's Big Fish Tail Sale [add]
10. Captain Octopus [add]
11. Sea Shell [add]
12. The Minnows [add]
13. Poor Anna [add]
14. Speedy the Snail [add]
15. The Clam [add]
16. Fish Guts [add]
17. Empty Dolphin Tank [add]

Live N Kickin (2006) 01. Singin' and Lovin' [add]
02. Gonna Be Alright [add]
03. Coliseum [add]
04. Barroom Bouncer [add]
05. Songwriter's Lament [add]
06. Boater Survey [add]
07. Great Lakes Song lyrics
08. Stay [add]
09. What Goes Around [add]
10. Put-In-Bay [add]
11. Coliseum, Part 2 [add]
12. Down in Key West [add]

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