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Genre: Folk
The Grand River Lullabye (1978) 01. Have Another Laugh on Cleveland Bluze! [add]
02. The Grand River Lullaby [add]
03. Autumn Melody [add]
04. Jazzbo [add]
05. Pass It On [add]
06. I Ain't Lonely [add]
07. Sunshine Suite [add]
08. Nobody's Fault But Mine/All My Dreams [add]
09. Summer Hymn [add]

Simple Things Done Well (1981) 01. Where Do You Go? [add]
02. Cartoon: I Just Can't Stop from Smiling [add]

Rules of the Road (1998) 01. River of Stars [add]
02. Skinny [add]
03. Deep Sweet Kisses [add]
04. Then I Saw Your Eyes [add]
05. River of Stars [add]
06. All You Need to Know [add]
07. Carey [add]
08. Gran River Lullaby [add]
09. Oh Maria [add]
10. Mamma Gumbo [add]

South Shore Serenade (1998) 01. Welland Canal [add]
02. Longships [add]
03. South Shore Serenade [add]
04. Great Lakes Song [add]
05. Fish Ohio [add]
06. Monster in Lake Erie [add]
07. Back to Put in Bay [add]
08. Jet Boat Boogie [add]
09. Lyman Men [add]
10. Erie Dreary [add]
11. The Guns of Erie [add]
12. South Passage [add]

Springboard (1998) 01. Rainbow [add]
02. Carey Come Smiling [add]
03. Shadowdancer [add]
04. Streamline [add]
05. Silver Wings [add]
06. Try Again [add]
07. Skinny [add]
08. Brand New Arkansas Travelier [add]
09. Rodeo Rider lyrics
10. Big City Women [add]
11. Shisha Dancer Waltz [add]
12. Darlin' [add]

Watersongs (1998) 01. Cordova Dreams [add]
02. Price William Sound [add]
03. Copper River Float [add]
04. Island to Island [add]
05. Rockin' on the River [add]
06. A Whole Lotta Turkeys [add]
07. Middle Fork Song [add]
08. Love Again/Grand River Lullabye [add]
09. Shenandoah [add]
10. Watersongs [add]

Homework (2000) 01. Speedbump in the Learning Curve [add]
02. Compass Rose [add]
03. Cool Stuff [add]
04. Pretty Good Day [add]
05. Fast Eddie [add]
06. Blue Groove #3 [add]
07. Shoes [add]
08. Let's Go Dancin' Tonight [add]
09. Down in Texas [add]
10. These Hills [add]
11. Sail On... [add]
12. Broken Heart [add]

Connected to the Web (2004) 01. Connected to the Web [add]
02. These Wings [add]
03. Red Wing Blackbird [add]
04. More to Soil Than Dirt [add]
05. Symphony of Ecology [add]
06. Green Cathedral [add]
07. Algae, Moss & Slime [add]
08. Song of Place [add]
09. Conversation With Congressman Ralph Ragula [add]
10. All the Rivers Run [add]
11. River Woman [add]
12. The Old Canal [add]
13. The Heron [add]
14. Put It in a Landfill! [add]
15. University of Biodiversity [add]
16. Trees, Trees [add]
17. Nightsong [add]
18. Stars Song [add]
19. Colors of the Valley [add]
20. Walking With John [add]

Invitation (2006) 01. Dragonfly [add]
02. Little Horse [add]
03. These Hills [add]
04. Prayer for Dixie/America [add]
05. Back to a Sunny Land [add]
06. Home to You [add]
07. Copper River Float [add]
08. Somewhere in the Wind (Billy's Song) [add]
09. Somethin's Comin' [add]

Sweetwater Pete (2006) 01. Down the Crooked River [add]
02. Little Island [add]
03. The Dockwalk [add]
04. Hey-Hey-Hey [add]
05. Mayfly Stew [add]
06. This Old Boat [add]
07. Fishin' Time [add]
08. The Big Woody [add]
09. Shorelines [add]
10. Eastern Blue [add]
11. The Wreck of the Ivanhoe [add]
12. Sweetwater Pete [add]
13. The Bosun's Lament [add]
14. Safe Harbor [add]

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