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Inmates lyrics
Genre: Rock
First Offence (1979) 01. Dirty Water [add]
02. Love Got Me [add]
03. Mr. Unreliable [add]
04. The Walk [add]
05. I Can't Sleep [add]
06. Jealousy [add]
07. Three Time Loser [add]
08. You're the One That Done It [add]
09. Midnight to Six Man [add]
10. Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie [add]
11. If Time Could Turn Backwards [add]
12. Back in History [add]
13. I Can't Stop [add]

Shot in the Dark (1980) 01. Talk Talk [add]
02. Tell Me What's Wrong [add]
03. So Much in Love [add]
04. Stop It Baby [add]
05. Waiting Game [add]
06. Crime Don't Pay [add]
07. Feelin' Good [add]
08. (I Thought I Heard A) Heartbeat [add]
09. Why When the Love Has Gone? [add]
10. Sweet Rain [add]
11. I Can't Make up My Mind [add]
12. Show You My Way [add]
13. Some Kind of Wonderful [add]

Meet the Beatles Live in Paris (1988) 01. Little Child [add]
02. I'll Get You [add]
03. She's a Woman [add]
04. You Can't Do That [add]
05. Day Tripper [add]
06. Back in the U.S.S.R. [add]
07. We Can Work It Out [add]
08. I Wanna Be Your Man [add]
09. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [add]
10. Birthday [add]
11. I Saw Her Standing There [add]
12. Get Back [add]
13. I'm Down [add]

Fast Forward (1989) 01. Move On [add]
02. Next to You [add]
03. Turn Back the Hands of Time [add]
04. Dangerous Love [add]
05. Footdown [add]
06. Sweet Nuthin's [add]
07. Everything's Alright [add]
08. Caroline [add]
09. Bad Influence [add]
10. You're Too Much [add]
11. Goodbye So Long [add]
12. (I Though I Heard A) Heartbeat [*] [add]
13. I Wanna Be Your Man [live/*] [add]
14. If Time Could Turn Backwards [live/*] [add]

Silverio (1997) 01. A Thing Called Love [add]
02. On the Run [add]
03. Crashin' in the Same Car [add]
04. No Other Girl [add]
05. Find Another Fool [add]
06. Listen to Your Heart [add]
07. Turpentine [add]
08. Name & Number [add]
09. Life Savings [add]
10. (I Wish I Had A) Heart of Stone [add]
11. Stop What You're Doing [add]
12. Shape I'm In [add]
13. Baby Drives Me Crazy [add]
14. Wait! (Stop a Minute) [add]

Heat of the Night [live] (1998) 01. Security [add]
02. She's Gone Rocking [add]
03. A Thing Called Love [add]
04. Am I Still Your Man [add]
05. Precious Blue [add]
06. Caroline [add]
07. Let's Talk About Girls [add]
08. The Walk [add]
09. Find Another Fool [add]
10. Some Kind of Wonderful [add]
11. Breakdown [add]
12. Dead Red Roses [add]
13. Too Hot [add]
14. Dirty Water [add]
15. Sweet Nothin's [add]

Inside Out/Wanted (2003) 01. Busted [add]
02. Making Time [add]
03. Rescue Me (S.O.S.) [add]
04. Night and Day [add]
05. Grass Is Greener [add]
06. Hey Landlord [add]
07. It's Better to Have (And Don't Need) [add]
08. Nervous Breakdown [add]
09. Precious Blue [add]
10. My Dark Side [add]
11. Come Back Babe (I'm in Love With You) [add]
12. Forever (Ain't So Long) [add]
13. You Got the Look I Like [add]
14. I Think I'd Better Move On [add]
15. Breakdown (Baby Don't You Do It) [add]
16. Security [add]
17. Paper Thin [add]
18. Promises [add]
19. Am I Still Your Man? [add]
20. You Ain't Never (Been in Love) [add]
21. When I Was Young [add]
22. Dead Red Roses [add]
23. Jet Black Crow [add]
24. Hey Now [add]
25. Gone Too Long [add]
26. Fire Down Below [add]
27. Too Hot [add]

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