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Lowen & Navarro lyrics
Genre: Rock
Walking on a Wire (1990) 01. Somewhere Far Away [add]
02. Walking on a Wire [add]
03. Oh Mary [add]
04. The Spell You're Under [add]
05. Seven Bridges [add]
06. What I Make Myself Believe [add]
07. Someone Like You [add]
08. We Belong [add]
09. C'Est la Vie [add]
10. She Said No [add]
11. Hammerhead Shark [add]
12. Rapt in You [*] [add]
13. Turn Out the Lights (And Go to Bed) [*] [add]
14. Goldmine [*] [add]

Broken Moon (1993) 01. All Is Quiet [add]
02. Constant as the Night [add]
03. Just to See You [add]
04. I'll Set You Free [add]
05. Maybe Later lyrics
06. Pride and Hunger [add]
07. Broken Moon [add]
08. Dreams I Left Behind [add]
09. Not Like You lyrics
10. I've Had It All [add]
11. Open Your Heart [add]
12. The Best of Me [add]

Pendulum (1995) 01. Looks Like Sunshine [add]
02. Pendulum [add]
03. Cry [add]
04. Spring Is Late This Year [add]
05. You Stay on My Mind [add]
06. Until the Well Runs Dry [add]
07. The Flesh Is Weak [add]
08. Keep the Light Alive [add]
09. Nobody Knows [add]
10. Writing on the Wall [add]
11. Through a Child's Eyes lyrics
12. Crossing Over [add]

Live Wire (1997) 01. Somewhere Far Away [add]
02. She Don't Care About Time [#] [add]
03. The Spell You're Under [add]
04. Oh Mary [add]
05. Water Over Fire [#] [add]
06. Something to Believe In [#] [add]
07. Love Will Return [#] [add]
08. Seven Bridges [add]
09. Walking on a Wire [add]
10. C'est la Vie [add]
11. We Belong [add]

Scratch at the Door (1998) 01. When the Lights Go Down [add]
02. Avalanche [add]
03. Weight of the World [add]
04. Beyond the Pale [add]
05. Maybe Tomorrow It Will Rain [add]
06. Blessing [add]
07. Long Way [add]
08. Do With Me What You Will [add]
09. Stranger Than Dreams [add]
10. Happy Birthday 2u [add]
11. My Own Way of Doing Things [add]

Live Radio (2002) 01. What I Make Myself Believe [add]
02. Crossing Over [add]
03. Broken Moon [add]
04. Someone Like You [add]
05. Pendulum [add]
06. Avalanche [add]
07. Weight of the World [add]
08. When the Lights Go Down [add]
09. Just to See You [add]
10. Constant as the Night [add]
11. All Is Quiet [add]
12. Until the Well Runs Dry [add]
13. Rapt in You [add]
14. Nobody Knows [add]
15. Waltzing the Shadows [#] [add]

Long Last Christmas (2004) 01. A Song of Christmas [add]
02. Silent Night [add]
03. What Child Is This [add]
04. The Meaning of Christmas [add]
05. Away in a Manger [add]
06. O Holy Night [add]
07. The Little Drummer Boy [add]
08. White Christmas [add]
09. Light of the Stable [add]
10. N?r Juldags Morgon Glimmar [add]

All the Time in the World (2004) 01. Compass Point [add]
02. All the Time in the World [add]
03. Cold Outside [add]
04. How Mighty Is the Silence [add]
05. The Devil's in the Details [add]
06. Emergency [add]
07. If You Loved Me Like That [add]
08. Raining in My Eyes [add]
09. Legacy [add]
10. The Grace Notes [add]
11. If I Was the Rain lyrics
12. Old Riverside [add]
13. The Opposite of Everything [add]
14. Green Haired Girl [add]

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