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Dana Gillespie lyrics
Genre: Blues
Foolish Seasons (1968) 01. You Just Gotta Know My Mind lyrics
02. Tears in My Eyes lyrics
03. Life Is Short lyrics
04. Souvenirs of Stefan lyrics
05. Can't You See I'm Dreaming [add]
06. No! No! No! [add]
07. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not [add]
08. London Social Degree [add]
09. Dead lyrics
10. Foolish Seasons [add]
11. Where Will You Be [add]
12. Hard Lovin' Loser lyrics

Weren't Born a Man (1973) 01. Stardom Road, Pt. 1 & 2 [add]
02. What Memories We Make [add]
03. Dizzy Heights [add]
04. Andy Warhol [add]
05. Backed a Loser [add]
06. Weren't Born a Man [add]
07. Mother, Don't Be Frightened [add]
08. All Cut up on You [add]
09. Eternal Showman [add]
10. All Gone [add]

Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle (1974) 01. Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle [add]
02. Really Love the Man [add]
03. Hold Me Gently [add]
04. Don't Mind Me [add]
05. Pack Your Bags [add]
06. No Tail to Wag [add]
07. Get My Rocks Off [add]
08. Wanderlust [add]
09. Getting Through to Me [add]
10. Never Knew [add]

Blue Job (1982) 01. Lotta What You Got [add]
02. Sailor's Delight [add]
03. Big Ten Inch Record [add]
04. King Size Papa [add]
05. Organ Grinder [add]
06. Star Gone Crazy! [add]
07. Tongue in Cheek [add]
08. Wasn't That Good [add]
09. Play With Your Poodle [add]
10. Too Many Drivers [add]
11. Nosey Joe [add]
12. Diggin' My Potatoes [add]
13. Main Line Baby [add]
14. Snatch and Grab It [add]

Below the Belt (1984) 01. Lovin' Machine [add]
02. Come On [add]
03. Sixty Minute Man [add]
04. Ugly Papa [add]
05. One Hour Mama [add]
06. Below the Belt [add]
07. My Man Stands Out [add]
08. It Ain't the Meat [add]
09. Joe's Joint [add]
10. Don't You Make Me High [add]
11. Empty Bed Blues [add]
12. Horizontal Boogie [add]

Sweet Meat (1989) 01. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy [add]
02. Pencil Thin Papa [add]
03. Fat Sam from Birmingham [add]
04. Big Fat Mamas Are Back in Style Again [add]
05. Long Lean Baby [add]
06. Tall Skinny Papa [add]
07. Sweets [add]
08. Fat Meat Is Good Meat [add]
09. Meat on Their Bones [add]
10. Sweet Meat [add]
11. Meat Balls [add]
12. Built for Comfort [add]

Blues It Up (1990) 01. A Lotta What You Got [add]
02. My Man Stands Out [add]
03. Fat Sam from Birmingham [add]
04. Sweet Meat [add]
05. Ugly Papa [add]
06. Sweets [add]
07. King Size Papa [add]
08. One Hour Mama [add]
09. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy [add]
10. Don't You Make Me High [add]
11. Big Ten Inch Record [add]
12. Below the Belt [add]
13. Long Lean Baby [add]
14. Tongue in Cheek [add]
15. Meat Balls [add]
16. Wasn't That Good [add]
17. Joe's Joint [add]
18. Organ Grinder [add]
19. Come on, If You're Coming [add]
20. Nosey Joe [add]
21. It Ain't the Meat [add]
22. Sixty Minute Man [add]
23. Snatch and Grab It [add]

Boogie Woogie Nights [live] (1991) 01. My Man Stands Out [add]
02. Boogie Woogie For Spann [add]
03. St. Louis Blues [add]
04. Blues Train [add]
05. One Track Mind [add]
06. Empty Bed Blues [add]
07. I Want You To Be My Baby [add]
08. Cry to Me [add]
09. No One [add]
10. You're Moving Me [add]

Blue One... (1995) 01. True Blue Love [add]
02. Blue Temptation [add]
03. Once in a Blue Moon [add]
04. Scream Blue Murder [add]
05. Blues Line [add]
06. Full Circle Blues [add]
07. Blue Moves [add]
08. Blue Papa [add]
09. Blue Room [add]
10. Blues Is All I Ever Knew [add]
11. Blue Country [add]
12. Blue Light [add]
13. Big Daddy Blues [add]
14. Where Blue Begins [add]

Hot Stuff (1996) 01. Lovin' Machine [add]
02. Pencil Thin Papa [add]
03. Easy Does It [add]
04. Meat on Their Bones [add]
05. Raise a Little Hell [add]
06. Empty Bed Blues [add]
07. Play With Your Poodle [add]
08. Big Fat Mamas Are Back in Style Again [add]
09. Too Many Drivers [add]
10. Sailor's Delight [add]
11. Built for Comfort [add]
12. Fat Meat Is Good Meat [add]
13. Hot Stuff [add]
14. Tall Skinny Papa [add]
15. Big Car [add]
16. Spoonful [add]
17. Diggin' My Potatoes [add]
18. Main Line Baby [add]
19. Pint Size Papa [add]
20. Horizontal Boogie [add]

Have I Got the Blues for You (1997) 01. Have I Got Blues for You [add]
02. Blue Cadillac [add]
03. These Blue Nights [add]
04. Blue Blood [add]
05. You Blue It [add]
06. Paint the Town Blue [add]
07. The Boy's in Blue [add]
08. Smokin' That Blue Grass [add]
09. Too Good to Be Blue [add]
10. Blue Ridge Mountain Train [add]
11. Blue One Too [add]
12. Out of the Blue [add]

Big Boy (1998) 01. Big Boy [add]
02. Heartbeat Boogie [add]
03. Be My Sugar [add]
04. Going, Going, Gone [add]
05. Mixed Emotion [add]
06. Dip Stick [instrumental] [add]
07. Out of Order [add]
08. Crazy 'Bout My DS [add]
09. Treat Me Tender Tonight [add]
10. Blow Crazy [add]
11. Take Me to the Top [add]
12. Fine and Fancy Free [add]
13. Got It Bad [add]
14. Your Mind Is Own Vacation [add]

Back to the Blues (1999) 01. Who's Got the Blues to Blame [add]
02. Too Blue to Boogie? [add]
03. Blue Night [add]
04. Baby Blue [add]
05. Blue Water [add]
06. Back to the Blues [add]
07. Travelling Man Blues [add]
08. Guardian Blue Angel [add]
09. The Sky Will Still Be Blue [add]
10. It Makes Me Blue [add]
11. Turning over a Blue Leaf [add]
12. Queen of the Blues [add]

Experienced (2000) 01. Experienced [add]
02. Tough Love [add]
03. One Kiss X 108 [add]
04. Something Coming [add]
05. Break Down the Door [add]
06. Ten Ton Blocks [add]
07. Crying for the Moon [add]
08. There Will Always Be a New Tomorrow [add]
09. Try Me [add]
10. Happy Birthday Blues [add]
11. Me Without You [add]
12. Take It Like a Man [add]

Staying Power (2003) 01. Sweet Tooth [add]
02. No Surprises [add]
03. Timeless [add]
04. Staying Power [add]
05. Put My Anchor Down [add]
06. It's What He's Got [add]
07. Still in Your Arms [add]
08. I Sigh for You [add]
09. Big Picture [add]
10. All Loved Up [add]
11. You're the Star [add]

These Blue Nights (2006) 01. Raise a Little Hell [add]
02. Blue Room [add]
03. Come On (If You're Coming) [add]
04. Blue Blood [add]
05. Hot Stuff [add]
06. Who's Got the Blues to Blame [add]
07. Be My Sugar [add]
08. Blue Night [add]
09. Travelling Man Blues [add]
10. Blues Line [add]
11. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy [add]
12. Have I Got Blues for You [add]
13. True Blue Love [add]
14. These Blue Nights [add]
15. It Makes Me Blue [add]

Live with the London Blues Band (2007) 01. Big Boy [add]
02. Your Mind Is on Vacation [add]
03. Ten Ton Blues [add]
04. Big Daddy Blues [add]
05. Experienced [add]
06. Be My Sugar [add]
07. Up Your Sleeve [add]
08. Too Blue to Boogie [add]
09. Timeless [add]
10. Staying Power [add]
11. St Louis Blues [add]
12. A Lotta What You Got [add]

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