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The Brandos lyrics
Genre: Rock
Honor Among Thieves (1987) 01. Gettysburg [add]
02. A Matter of Survival [add]
03. Nothing to Fear [add]
04. Honor Among Thieves [add]
05. Strychnnine [add]
06. Strychnine [add]
07. Hard Luck Runner [add]
08. In My Dreams [add]
09. Walking on the Water [add]
10. Come Home [add]

Gunfire at Midnight (1992) 01. Gunfire at Midnight [add]
02. The Solution [add]
03. How the Dice Fell [add]
04. Ridin' the Red-Eye [add]
05. Anna Lee [add]
06. We Are No Man [add]
07. Fortunes of War [add]
08. Partners [add]
09. The Keeper [add]
10. One-Dog Brown [add]
11. The Last Tambourine [add]

The Light of Day (Tour Edition) (1994) 01. The Light of Day [add]
02. Sinister Purpose [add]
03. We Are No Man [Acoustic Version] [add]
04. Union Dixie/Gettysburg [add]
05. Ridin' the Red-Eye [add]
06. Twenty Flight Rock [add]
07. Have Love, Will Travel [add]
08. Cheyenne [add]
09. The Other Side [add]
10. Green River [add]

The Light of Day (1994) 01. The Light of Day [add]
02. Hard Times [add]
03. The Warrior's Son [add]
04. Not a Trace [add]
05. Love of My Life [add]
06. Turn Away [add]
07. Patty on the Turnpike/Exit 57 [add]
08. The Hangin' Tree [add]
09. Jail Bar Blues [add]
10. Fight for Love [add]
11. Hard Times (Come Again No More) [add]

In Exile - Live (1995) 01. Hard Luck Runner [add]
02. Anna Lee [add]
03. The Solution [add]
04. Partners [add]
05. The Warrior's Son [add]
06. The Light of Day [add]
07. Come Home [add]
08. The Last Tambourine [add]
09. Hard Times (Come Again No More) [add]
10. Skillet Good N' Greasy [add]
11. Gettysburg [add]
12. Fight for Love [add]
13. Gunfire at Midnight [add]
14. Strychnine [add]
15. The Recruiting Sergeant [add]
16. Get Tough [add]
17. Fortunes of War [add]
18. Psycho [add]

Pass the Hat (1996) 01. Pass the Hat [add]
02. The Siege [add]
03. Tell Her That I Love Her [add]
04. The Other Side [add]
05. Can't Go Home [add]
06. You'll Still Be Mine [add]
07. The Big Snafu [add]
08. German Skies [add]
09. Let the Teardrops Fall [add]
10. My Friend, My Friend [add]

Nowhere Zone (1998) 01. Nowhere Zone [add]
02. Lodi [add]
03. Trial by Fire [add]
04. Have Love Will Travel [add]
05. No Secrets, No Lies [add]
06. Jailer Bring Me Water [add]
07. Contribution [add]
08. Smoky Mt. Lament [add]
09. Desperado Love [add]
10. War Is Over [add]

Over the Border (2007) 01. Over the Border [add]
02. Walking Home [add]
03. The Only Love I Can Get [add]
04. She's the One [add]
05. The Triangle Fire [add]
06. Dino's Song [add]
07. Merrily Kissed the Quaker/The New York Volunteer [add]
08. He's Waiting [add]
09. Let It Go [add]
10. Guantanamera [add]

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