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The Stone Coyotes lyrics
Genre: Rock
Situation Out of Control (2000) 01. Situation Out of Control [add]
02. Lucky Day [add]
03. Where the Old Oak Grows [add]
04. The Black Atlantic [add]
05. When Parliament Convenes [add]
06. Noah's Ark [add]
07. My Horse Has Wings [add]
08. I Want to Rock [add]
09. Highland Boy [add]
10. Bone Tired [add]
11. Season of the Witch [add]
12. If You See the One [add]
13. Train to Nowhere [add]
14. Saw You at the Hop [live] [add]

Born to Howl (2001) 01. Shake [add]
02. Torn Asunder [add]
03. Detroit or Buffalo [add]
04. The First Lady of Rock [add]
05. Jolene [add]
06. Rock It [add]
07. Four Times Gone [add]
08. American Child [add]
09. Death of the American Song [add]
10. Bound to Burn [add]
11. Call off Your Dogs [add]

Ride Away From the World (2002) 01. I Don't Know Why [add]
02. Plain American Girl [add]
03. Mama, Take a Look at Me Now [add]
04. Any Way the Wind Blows [add]
05. Slip the Shackle [add]
06. Whole Lotta Money [add]
07. Cold Hard Winter [add]
08. Pennsylvania Coal Mine [add]
09. Born to Howl [add]
10. Free the People [add]
11. The Bramble and the Rose [add]
12. The Tic Toc Lounge [add]
13. Paranoid [add]
14. It's Late [add]
15. Face on the Train [add]

Rise from the Ashes (2003) 01. House of Confusion [add]
02. While Unseen Angels Hover [add]
03. Wolves at Your Door [add]
04. Heart of a Champion [add]
05. Ain't Nobody Home [add]
06. The Sailor's Song [add]
07. Rock Harder Than You [add]
08. If You See the One [add]
09. The Phoenix [add]
10. Bang Bang Bang Bang [add]
11. Your Hour to Sing [add]
12. Thunder on the Left [add]
13. Adriana [add]

Fire It Up (2005) 01. All Dressed Up [add]
02. Rock On [add]
03. The Valley of Regret [add]
04. Fire It Up [add]
05. Rectified [add]
06. Stars in Her Eyes [add]
07. The Ghost of Vicksburg [add]
08. The Girls of America [add]
09. No Turning Back [add]
10. Dance Band [add]
11. So Long, I'm Gone, Goodbye [add]
12. Wake Up, What's the Matter? [add]

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