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Genre: Rock
Eager Beaver Boy (1976) 01. Hot Dog [add]
02. All the Time [add]
03. Boogie Boogie Boo [add]
04. Rock It [add]
05. The Thought of Losing You [add]
06. Waffle Stompin' Mama [add]
07. Blue Ranger [add]
08. Ballin' Keen [add]
09. Let 'Er Roll [add]
10. Dobro Daddio from del Rio [add]
11. Born to Be Wild [add]
12. How Low Can You Feel [add]
13. Where My Sweet Baby Goes [add]
14. Tribute to "You Know Who" [add]
15. Eager B-B-Beaver Boy [add]
16. Pretty Mama [add]
17. One Part Stops Where the Other Begins [add]
18. Pinball Millionaire [add]
19. When Two Ends Meet [add]
20. Good Time Woman [add]
21. It Ain't Me [Piano Version] [add]
22. Chug-A-Lug [add]
23. Parts Unknown [add]
24. Wicked Wicked Woman [add]
25. Shelby County Penal Farm [add]
26. Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler [add]
27. Play Anything [add]
28. Major Label Blues [add]

Rockabilly Rocket (1977) 01. Second Story Man [add]
02. Don't Get Pushy [add]
03. Cravin' [add]
04. Separate Ways [add]
05. Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye [add]
06. How Can I Get Top [add]
07. Little Young Girl [add]
08. Chew Tobacco Rag [add]
09. You Don't Rock & Roll at All [add]
10. Ruby Ann [add]
11. I Don't Know Why You Still Come Around [add]
12. Running After Fools [add]
13. Jimmie Skins the Blues [add]

Born to Rock (1977) 01. I'm Coming Home [add]
02. Honky Tonk Man [add]
03. Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache [add]
04. Backseat Boogie [add]
05. Lost Highway [add]
06. Hillbilly Cat [add]
07. Get Rhythm [add]
08. Folsom Prison Blues [add]
09. Eager Beaver Baby [add]
10. Born to Rock [add]
11. Whole Lotta Shakin' [add]
12. Steel Guitar Rag [add]

Wildcat Shakeout (1979) 01. Rockabilly Rebel [add]
02. Gone, Gone, Gone [add]
03. Wildcat Shakeout [add]
04. Don't Turn Me Down [add]
05. Honey Bop [add]
06. Sack of Love [add]
07. She Will Come Back to Me [add]
08. Teenage Boogie [add]
09. When a Guitar Gets the Blues [add]
10. Don't Blame It on Me [add]
11. Mister Whiz [add]
12. Mind Your Own Business [add]
13. Cat Clothes Shop [add]
14. It Ain't Me [add]

Gone, Gone, Gone! (1986) 01. Rockabilly Rebel [add]
02. Gone, Gone, Gone [add]
03. Don't Blame It on Me [add]
04. Wildcat Shakeout [add]
05. Don't Turn Me Down [add]
06. 3-D Daddy [add]
07. When the Guitar Gets the Blues [add]
08. Sack O' Lovin' [add]
09. Mind Your Own Business [add]
10. It Ain't Me [add]
11. I'm Comin' Home [add]
12. All Night Express [add]

With Friends in Texas (1990) 01. Guitar Rag [add]
02. Austin Waltz [add]
03. Quit Your Triflin' [add]
04. Wee Mouse [add]
05. Blue Ranger [add]
06. Dobro Daddio from del Rio [add]
07. Merle's Boogie Woogie [add]
08. Drifting Texas Sands [add]
09. Caterpillar [add]
10. Sweet Temptation [add]
11. How Low Can You Feel [add]
12. Spanish Two Step [add]

Rockin' at the Ritz [live] (1990) 01. Pan American Boogie [add]
02. Eager Boy [add]
03. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong [add]
04. Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler [add]
05. Everybody's Movin' [add]
06. Rattlin' Daddy [add]
07. Tore Up [add]
08. Rockin' at the Ritz [add]
09. I Let the Freight Train Carry Me On [add]
10. When Two Ends Meet [add]
11. My Baby Left Me [add]
12. Hey Mr. Songwriter [add]

Train Rhythm Blue (1998) 01. Tear It Down [add]
02. Hot Water [add]
03. Lorena [add]
04. Little Love Lies [add]
05. Luther Played Guitar [add]
06. Don't Forget the Train [add]
07. Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame [add]
08. Here Comes That Heartache [add]
09. Honest Bar, An [add]
10. The One Who Got Away [add]
11. If Two Ends Meet [add]
12. Brown Eyes and Train Rhythm Blue [add]

At The Thunderbird Rock 'N' Roll Venue [live] (2002) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Right Behind You Baby [add]
03. Alabama Jailhouse [add]
04. Playboy [add]
05. Introduction [add]
06. Rockabilly Man [add]
07. Hollywood Cats [add]
08. All the Time [add]
09. My Heart's on Fire [add]
10. Everybody's Movin' [add]
11. I'm Comin' Home [add]
12. Honky Tonk Man [add]
13. Hungry Hill [add]
14. Rockabilly Music [add]
15. Quit Your Triflin' [add]
16. Rattlin' Daddy [add]
17. Cat'n Around [add]
18. Introduction [add]
19. Summertime Blues [add]
20. Milk Cow Blues [add]
21. How Low Do You Feel? [add]
22. Lucky to Be in Love [add]
23. Tore Up [add]
24. Rockin' at the Ritz [add]
25. Caterpillar [add]
26. Rockin' at the Ritz [add]

High School Hellcats Reunion (2002) 01. High School Hellcats [add]
02. Over the Hill [add]
03. Backtrail [add]
04. Big City [add]
05. Chicken [add]
06. Chantilly Lace [add]
07. How Can I Get on Top [add]
08. Daddy's Home [add]
09. Blue Blue Day [add]
10. I Was Sort of Wondering [add]
11. Rockabaily [add]
12. Wine Is Fine [add]
13. La Bamba [add]
14. You Turn Me On [add]
15. My Prayer [add]

Memory Lingers on: Remembering Jesse James and All the Boys (2005) 01. Jesse Polka [add]
02. When Jole Blon and Kilroy Got Married [add]
03. Blue Bonnet Polka [add]
04. What Can I Do to Get You Back [add]
05. New Goodnight Waltz [add]
06. Piano Pete's Boogie [add]
07. Will Tomorrow Bring Me You [add]
08. Swinging on the Steel [add]
09. Rag Mop [add]
10. Darlin' I Don't Understand [add]
11. The Hot Canary [add]
12. I've Got the Craziest Feeling [add]
13. Merry Widow Waltz [add]
14. Billy's Tune [add]
15. Flying Saucer Mama [add]
16. Hog Calling Champ of Arkansas [add]
17. Palomino Polka [add]

Rockabilly Blues (2006) 01. Cryin' Blues [add]
02. Don't Lie to Me [add]
03. Sugar Cane Mama [add]
04. Got Love If You Want It [add]
05. Bucket Got a Hole in It [add]
06. Sugaree [add]
07. Step It Up & Go [add]
08. Pretty Thing [add]
09. Lonesome Whistle [add]
10. Mona [add]
11. Act Like You Love Me [add]
12. Stack-A-Lee [add]
13. Mystery Train [add]
14. Kissing at Midnight [add]

One More Hop (2007) 01. Brown Boots [add]
02. I Crossed My Heart [add]
03. Loretta [add]
04. Don't Forget the Trains [add]
05. Crazy Mixed Emotions [add]
06. One More Hop [add]
07. I Just Drove By [add]
08. Rock Me Up [add]
09. Blue to the Bone [add]
10. Wrong Side of Her Heart [add]
11. Swamp Fox [add]
12. Baby Don't You Lie [add]
13. The Crossing [add]

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