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Hasil Adkins lyrics
Genre: Rock
He Said (0000) 01. She Said lyrics
02. My Baby Loves Me [add]
03. D.P.A. On the Moon [add]
04. Baby Rock [add]
05. Let's Make It Up [add]
06. Louise Wait for Me [add]
07. I'm in Misery, Pt. 1 [add]
08. Comin' Home to You (No. 1) [add]
09. We Got a Date [add]
10. Reagan Blues [add]
11. Chicken Twist [add]
12. W.P.A. [add]
13. Fast Run [add]
14. You're My Baby [add]
15. Turn My Coat Tails Loose [add]
16. Comin' Home to You (No. 2) [add]

The Wild Man (1987) 01. Chicken Flop [add]
02. The Wild Man [add]
03. Big Red Satellite [add]
04. Pond Fork River [add]
05. Still Missing You [add]
06. Punchy Wunchy Wickey Wackey Woo [add]
07. Foggy Mountain Top [add]
08. I Don't Want Nobody [add]
09. She'll See Me Again [add]
10. Matchbox [add]
11. Do the Scalp [add]
12. Haunted House [add]
13. Wild Wild Friday Night [add]
14. Turning Off a Memory [add]
15. Ellen Marie [add]
16. Don't Start Cryin' Now [add]
17. Midnight Moan [add]
18. Everybody Loves Somebody [add]
19. California Blues/T for Texas [add]

Peanut Butter Rock and Roll (1990) 01. Blue Suede Shoes [add]
02. If You Wanna Be My Baby [add]
03. Vivian Anne [add]
04. I Wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Lips [add]
05. Peanut Butter Rock and Roll [add]
06. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O) [add]
07. Gimme Back My Ring [add]
08. Come on Along [add]
09. Roll Roll Train [add]
10. Woke Up This Morning [add]
11. Come on and Do the Shake with Me [add]
12. You're Gonna Break My Heart [add]
13. Walk and Talk with Me [add]
14. The Slop [add]
15. C'mon Little Jenny [add]
16. Chicken Twist [add]
17. Let It Rock [add]
18. Stopwatch Baby [add]
19. Took My Baby Out [add]
20. Has Anybody Walked Beside Me [add]

Live in Chicago (1992) 01. Hazel Jean Rock [add]
02. She Said lyrics
03. No More Hot Dogs [add]
04. The Hunch [add]
05. When I Saw You [add]
06. Shake That Thing [add]
07. DPA Blues [add]
08. Reelin' and Rockin' [add]
09. Dottie Dottie [add]
10. Truly Ruly [add]
11. My Special One [add]
12. Maybellene [add]
13. Roll Roll Train [add]
14. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
15. Hey John [add]
16. Sex Crazy Baby [add]
17. Wooly Bully [add]
18. Boo Boo the Cat [add]
19. This Ain't No Rock & Roll Show [add]
20. Foggy Mountain Top [add]
21. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain [add]
22. Duncan [add]
23. She Said lyrics
24. You Got Me Cryin' [add]
25. She's Mine/Great Balls of Fire [add]

Look at That Caveman Go!! (1993) 01. Good Golly Miss Molly [add]
02. Today I Started Loving You Again [add]
03. Boo Boo the Cat [add]
04. She Goes Like This [add]
05. My Blue Star [add]
06. Mean Woman Blues [add]
07. Let's Do Like We Done [add]
08. Shake That Thing [add]
09. Hammer Hunch (The Crusher) [add]
10. Reelin' and Rockin' [add]
11. Me and My Baby's Goin' Steady [add]
12. In the Wind [add]
13. Mean Mean Woman [add]
14. Devonna Rock [add]
15. Still Missing You [add]
16. Chicken Walk lyrics
17. Walking the Dog [add]

Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha (1994) 01. Put My Guitar Away Mommy [add]
02. White Dove [add]
03. Leaves in Autumn [add]
04. I Still Miss Someone [add]
05. Gonna Have Me a Yard Sale [add]
06. Twenty Eight Years [add]
07. River of Jordan [add]
08. It'll Be Me [add]
09. Will You Miss Me [add]
10. Song of Death [add]
11. Of Course Not [add]
12. She Thinks I Still Care [add]
13. I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling [add]
14. Tomorrow I'll Still Be Loving You [add]
15. You Win Again [add]
16. Turn Around [add]

What the Hell Was I Thinking? (1998) 01. Your Memories [add]
02. Ugly Woman [add]
03. No Shoes [add]
04. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]
05. Beautiful Hills lyrics
06. Stay With Me [add]
07. Somehow You'll Find Your Way [add]
08. Gone, Gone, Gone [add]
09. Up on Mars [add]
10. Talkin' to My Lord [add]

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