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Tortoise lyrics
Genre: Rock
Tortoise (1994) 01. Magnet Pulls Through [add]
02. Night Air [add]
03. Ry Cooder [add]
04. Onions Wrapped in Rubber [add]
05. Tin Cans & Twine [add]
06. Spiderwebbed [add]
07. His Second Story Island [add]
08. On Noble [add]
09. Flyrod [add]
10. Cornpone Brunch [add]

Millions Now Living Will Never Die (1996) 01. Djed [add]
02. Glass Museum [add]
03. A Survey [add]
04. The Taut and Tame [add]
05. Dear Grandma and Grandpa [add]
06. Along the Banks of the River [add]

TNT (1998) 01. TNT [add]
02. Swung from the Gutters [add]
03. Ten-Day Interval [add]
04. I Set My Face to the Hillside [add]
05. The Equator [add]
06. A Simple Way to Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work [add]
07. The Suspension Bridge at Iguaz? Falls [add]
08. Four-Day Interval [add]
09. In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men [add]
10. Almost Always Is Nearly Enough [add]
11. Jetty [add]
12. Everglade [add]

Standards (2001) 01. Seneca [add]
02. Eros [add]
03. Benway [add]
04. Firefly [add]
05. Six Pack [add]
06. Eden 2 [add]
07. Monica [add]
08. Blackjack [add]
09. Eden 1 [add]
10. Speakeasy [add]

It's All Around You (2004) 01. It's All Around You [add]
02. The Lithium Shifts [add]
03. Crest [add]
04. Stretch (You Are All Right) [add]
05. Unknown [add]
06. Dot/Eyes [add]
07. On the Chin [add]
08. By Dawn [add]
09. Five Too Many [add]
10. Salt the Skies [add]

The Brave and the Bold (2006) 01. Cravo ? Canela [add]
02. Thunder Road [add]
03. It's Expected I'm Gone [add]
04. Daniel [add]
05. Love Is Love [add]
06. Pancho [add]
07. That's Pep! [add]
08. Some Say (I Got Devil) [add]
09. Calvary Cross [add]
10. On My Own [add]

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