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The Phantom Surfers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Great Surf Crash of 97 (1996) 01. The Great Surf Crash [add]
02. Rootin' Around for Ramona [add]
03. Pygmy Dance [add]
04. Basset Ballet [add]
05. Single Whammy [add]
06. The Cat Came Back [add]
07. Ticker Tape Jungle [add]
08. Medley: X-Files Theme/The Extremely Stupid Files [add]
09. Ants in My Pants [add]
10. I Call My Baby D.D.T. [add]
11. Holiday Harbor [add]
12. Babalu [add]
13. Buy High, Sell Low [add]
14. Yozora No Hoshi [add]
15. Out the Window [add]
16. No Go Diggy D [add]
17. Lancelot Link Wray [add]

The Exciting Sounds of Model Road Racing (1997) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Everybody Up [add]
03. Death of a Rookie [add]
04. Schlock Slot [add]
05. Slotter on 10th Avenue [add]
06. Crossover Tragedy [add]
07. Rheostat Rock [add]
08. Pacific Shores [add]
09. A Slot Car Named Desire [add]
10. Turn Marshal [add]
11. Stumps of Mystery [add]
12. Endurance Rally [add]
13. Final Lap [add]

Skaterhater (1998) 01. Curb Job [Skaterhater Overture] [add]
02. Sidewalk City [add]
03. Devil Dust [add]
04. Sheena Was a Punk Rocker [add]
05. You Meet the Nicest People on a Harley [add]
06. Supercycle [add]
07. The End of a Skater [add]
08. Blues' Theme [add]
09. Grindhouse [add]
10. (The Sound of) Breaking Glass [add]
11. Arrow Space [add]
12. Skate and Bait [add]
13. Murder Can Be Fun [add]
14. Polyurethane [add]
15. Drag Run [add]

XXX Party (2000) 01. I Know It When I Hear It [add]
02. Dick Hickeys [add]
03. The Pioneers/Have a Good Funeral, Yellowneck Will Pay [add]
04. The Golden Turd [add]
05. Nantucket Sleighride [add]
06. Necro Sue [add]
07. The Crepitation Contest [add]
08. Tomato Juice [add]
09. The Big Dick Club [add]
10. Peach Poussaye [add]
11. Dolemites Corner [add]
12. Happiness Is [add]
13. The Phantom Surfers' Alphabet [add]
14. Business Deal [add]
15. Love Is... [add]
16. A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Orgy [add]
17. Sin Inthe Suburbs [add]
18. Special Guests Guffaws [add]
19. Let's Fist Again [add]
20. Summa Pornographica [add]

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