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Man or Astro-man? lyrics
Genre: Rock
Is It...Man or Astro-Man? [live] (1993) 01. Taxidermist Surf [add]
02. Invasion of the Dragonmen [add]
03. Nitrous Burn Out [add]
04. Clean up on Aisle #9 (Turn up the Monitors) [add]
05. Journey to the Stars [add]
06. Cowboy Playing Dead [add]
07. Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb [add]
08. The Human Calculator [add]
09. Organ Smash [add]
10. Cattle Drive [add]
11. Escape Through the Air Vent [add]
12. Mermaid Love [add]
13. Eric Estrotica [add]
14. Alien Visitors [add]

Destroy All Astromen!! [live] (1994) 01. Reverb 10,000 [add]
02. Name of Numbers [add]
03. Popcorn Crabula [add]
04. A Mouthful of Exhaust [add]
05. Of Sex and Demise [add]
06. Joker's Wild [add]
07. Intoxica [add]
08. Mystery Meat [add]
09. Heavies (Let's Surf the River of Blood) [add]
10. Madness in the Streets [add]
11. Espanto del Futuro [add]
12. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme [add]
13. Landlocked [add]
14. Bombora [add]
15. Gargantua's Last Stand [add]
16. You Can't Get Good Riblets in Space [add]
17. Bermuda Triangle Shorts [add]
18. Taco Wagon [add]
19. The Vortex Beyond [add]
20. Destination Venus [add]
21. Time Bomb [add]

Intravenous Television Continuum (1995) 01. Immersion Static [add]
02. Put Your Finger in the Socket [Maximum Voltage Version] [add]
03. Nitrous Burn Out 2012 [add]
04. Tetsuwan Atomu [add]
05. Max Q [Nielson Rating Video Version] [add]
06. [Reverse Sync Moog Version] [add]
07. Jetson's Theme [add]
08. Invasion of the Dragonmen [Alternate Universe Mosrite Version] [add]
09. Bionic Futures [add]
10. Tomorrow Plus X [Time Travel Through Sleep Deprivation Mix] [add]
11. Out of Limits [add]
12. Calling Hong Kong [add]
13. Munsters Theme [add]
14. Principles Unknown [add]
15. Everyone's Favorite Martian [add]
16. Deuces Wild [add]
17. Cool Your Jets [add]

Project Infinity (1995) 01. Escape Velocity [add]
02. Sferic Waves [add]
03. (Classified) [Classified] [add]
04. Transmission from Venus [add]
05. Max Q [add]
06. Inside the Atom [add]
07. Philip K. Dick in the Pet Section of a Wal-Mart [add]
08. Put Your Finger in the Socket [add]
09. Complex 34 [add]
10. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [add]
11. Tomorrow Plus X [add]
12. Manta Ray [add]
13. Point Blank [add]
14. Special Agent Conrad Uno [add]
15. Alpha Surfari [add]
16. Mach One [add]

Experiment Zero (1996) 01. Stereo Phase Test [add]
02. Television Fission [add]
03. D.N.I. [add]
04. Planet Collision [add]
05. Big Trak Attack [add]
06. 9 Volt [add]
07. Anoxia [add]
08. Evil Plans of Planet Spectra [add]
09. Maximum Radiation Level [add]
10. King of the Monsters [add]
11. Cyborg Control [add]
12. Test Driver [add]
13. Television Man [add]
14. Z-X3 [add]
15. Principles Unknown [add]

Made From Technetium (1997) 01. Message from the CD [add]
02. Lo Batt. [add]
03. Jonathan Winters Frankenstein [add]
04. Don't Think What Jack [add]
05. Junk Satellite [add]
06. 10 Years After World War 4 [add]
07. A Saucerful of Secrets [add]
08. Breathing Iron Oxide [add]
09. Muzak for Cybernetics [add]
10. Structo [Mr. Microphone Mixup] [add]
11. The Sound Waves Reversing [add]
12. Theoretical Sounds of Slow Motion [add]
13. Static Cling (Theme From) [add]
14. Evert 1 Pipkin [add]
15. Weightless at Zero Return [add]

What Remains Inside a Black Hole (1997) 01. The Universe's Only Intergalactic Radioactive Breakfast Bar [add]
02. The Quatermass Phenomenon [add]
03. Eric Estrotica (Live in Space) [Live in Space] [add]
04. War of the Satellites [add]
05. Rovers [add]
06. 24 Hours [add]
07. Squad Car (Live in Space) [Live in Space] [add]
08. Surf Terror [add]
09. Transmissions from Venus [add]
10. Revers 1000 [add]
11. Caffeine Trip [add]
12. Polaris [add]
13. Adios Johnny Bravo [add]
14. The Vortex Beyond [add]
15. Within a Martian Heart [add]

Live Transmissions From Uranus (1997) 01. Intro Sample [add]
02. Transmissions from Uranus [add]
03. Time Bomb [add]
04. Special Agent Conrad Uno [add]
05. Sferic Waves [add]
06. Destination Venus [add]
07. Names of Numbers [add]
08. A Mouthful of Exhaust [add]
09. Cowboy Playing Bomboro [add]
10. Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme [add]
11. Gargantua's Last Stand [add]
12. Surfari [add]
13. Rovers [add]
14. Manta Ray [add]
15. Man from F.U.C.K. Y.O.U [add]
16. Eric Estrotica [add]
17. Nitrous Burn Out [add]

EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide (1999) 01. Interstellar Hardrive [add]
02. D: Contamination [add]
03. U-235/PU-239 [add]
04. Domain of the Human Race [add]
05. Theme from Eeviac [add]
06. A Reversal of Polarity [add]
07. Fractionalized Reception of a Scrambled Transmission [add]
08. Engines of Difference [add]
09. Psychology of A.I. (Numbers Follow Answers) [add]
10. Krasnoyask [add]
11. Within the Mainframe, Impaired Vision from Inoperable Catarcts Can ... [add]
12. As Estralas Agora Elas Est?o Mortas [add]
13. Myopia [add]
14. Automated Liner Notes Sequence [add]

A Spectrum of Infinite Scale (2000) 01. Pathway to the Infinite [add]
02. Song of the Two-Mile Linear Particle Accelerator, Stanford University, [add]
03. Preparation Clont [add]
04. Curious Constructs of Stem-Like Devices Which Now Prepare ... [add]
05. Um Espectro Sem Escala [add]
06. Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together at a Rave and ... [add]
07. Very Subtle Elevators [add]
08. Within One Universe There Are Millions [add]
09. Spectrograph Reading of the Varying Phantom Frequencies of ... [add]
10. A Simple Text File [add]
11. Obligatory Part 2 Song in Which There Is No Present Existing Part ... [add]
12. Multi-Variational Stimuli of Sub-Turgid Foci Covering Cross Evaluative [add]

A Spectrum of Finite Scale (2001) 01. After All the Prosaic Waiting...the Sun Finally Crashes into the Earth [add]
02. The Limitations of a Serial Machine [add]
03. MO2 [add]
04. Halfway to the Infinite [add]
05. Space Helmet [add]
06. All the Quietest Whispers [add]
07. Mt-52 Tone/Magnus Opus [add]
08. Tolerance in a Transitory Universe [add]
09. Analysis Paralysis [add]
10. Man or Man-Machine? [add]
11. The Potential Energy of Roger Stone [add]
12. Mortimer Butomite's Pocket of Capacitors [add]
13. Fig. A: Dispersion in Full Spectrum Pattern [add]

Beyond the Black Hole (2001) 01. The Wayward Meteor [add]
02. Rovers [add]
03. The Quatermass Phenomena [add]
04. Polaris [add]
05. The Vortex Beyond [add]
06. 24 Hrs. [add]
07. Surf Terror [add]
08. The Powerful Fully-Transistorized Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Radio [add]
09. Reverb 1000 [add]
10. Transmissions from Venus [add]
11. Green-Blooded Love [add]
12. Within a Martian Heart [add]

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