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The Sir Douglas Quintet lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues (1968) 01. Are Inlaws Really Outlaws? [add]
02. Sell a Song [add]
03. Song of Everything [add]
04. Can You Dig My Vibrations? [add]
05. I'm Glad for Your Sake (But I'm Sorry for Mine) [add]
06. Whole Lotta Peace of Mind [add]
07. You Never Get Too Big and You Sure Don't Get Too Heavy That You ... [add]

Mendocino (1969) 01. Mendocino [add]
02. I Don't Want [add]
03. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again lyrics
04. At the Crossroads [add]
05. If You Really Want Me to I'll Go [add]
06. And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down [add]
07. Lawd, I'm Just a Country Boy in This Great Big Freaky City [add]
08. She's About a Mover [add]
09. Texas Me [add]
10. Oh, Baby, It Just Don't Matter [add]

1+1+1=4 (1970) 01. Yesterday Got in the Way [add]
02. In the Dark [add]
03. Don't Bug Me! [add]
04. Be Real [add]
05. Pretty Flower [add]
06. What About Tomorrow? [add]
07. Catch the Man on the Rise [add]
08. Tortilla Flats [add]
09. Nice Song [add]
10. Monterey Sun [add]
11. Sixty Minutes of Your Love [add]

Together After Five (1970) 01. Nuevo Laredo [add]
02. Dallas Alice [add]
03. T-Bone Shuffle [add]
04. I Don't Want to Go Home [add]
05. Son of Bill Baety/Backwoods Girl [add]
06. Revolutionary Ways [add]
07. Seguin [add]
08. If She'd Only Come to Me [add]
09. Magic Illusion [add]
10. One Too Many Mornings/Got to Sing a Happy Song [add]

The Return of Doug Salda?a (1971) 01. Preach What You Live, Live What You Preach [add]
02. She's Huggin' You, But She's Lookin' at Me [add]
03. Keep Your Soul [add]
04. Papa Ain't Salty [add]
05. Stoned Faces Don't Lie [add]
06. Me and My Destiny [add]
07. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights [add]
08. The Railpak Dun Gone in the del Monte [add]
09. Oh Lord, Please Let It Rain in Texas [add]
10. Gypsy [add]

Rough Edges (1973) 01. Sir Doug's Recording Trip [add]
02. You're Doin' It Too Hard [add]
03. The Homecoming [add]
04. Soulful Woman [add]
05. Too Many Docile Minds [add]
06. Southside Girls [add]
07. Hello Amsterdam [add]
08. Spearfish By Night [add]
09. Colinda [add]
10. Linda Lou [add]
11. Dynamite Woman [add]
12. Leaving Kansas City [add]

Live Love (1977) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Dynamite Woman [add]
03. One Way, Crash Course Love Affair [add]
04. My Girl [add]
05. Drivin' Wheel [add]
06. Starry Eyes [add]
07. Emotional Goner [add]
08. Henrietta [add]
09. I'm Glad for Your Sake (But I'm Sorry for Mine) [add]
10. Knock on Wood [add]

Border Wave (1983) 01. Who'll Be the Next in Line [add]
02. It Was Fun While It Lasted [add]
03. Down on the Border [add]
04. I Keep Wishing for You [add]
05. Revolutionary Ways [add]
06. Old Habits Die Hard [add]
07. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]
08. Sheila Tequila [add]
09. Tonite, Tonite [add]
10. Border Wave [add]

Live Texas Tornado (1983) 01. The Rains Came [add]
02. Wooly Bully [add]
03. Who Were You Thinkin' Of? [add]
04. Texas Tornado [add]
05. Medley: Mendocino/Dynamite Woman [add]
06. (Is Anybody Going To) San Antone [add]
07. She's About a Mover [add]
08. Oh, Boy! [add]
09. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [add]
10. T-Bone Shuffle [add]

Midnight Sun (1983) 01. Let's Don't Waste A Minute [add]
02. This Time [add]
03. High High, Bye Bye [add]
04. One More Time [add]
05. Someday [add]
06. Carol Jane [add]
07. Meet Me in Stockholm [add]
08. Charisma Face [add]
09. Be Real [add]
10. Little Georgie Baker [add]
11. Sugar Bee [add]

Quintessence (1983) 01. Who Were You Thinkin' Of? [add]
02. Down to Saying Goodbye [add]
03. Adios Mexico [add]
04. Village Girl [add]
05. Wicked, Wicked Woman [add]
06. I Know You Know [add]
07. If This Ain't Love [add]
08. Velma from Selma [add]
09. Got It Bad for You [add]
10. Tommorow Just Might Change [add]
11. Rolling Blues [add]

Luv Ya' Europa (1985) 01. The Ballad of the Wasa [add]
02. No Way Like Norway [add]
03. Train to Trondheim [add]
04. I Wanna Fall in Love Again [add]
05. Susie Darlin' [add]
06. Long Black Veil [add]
07. County Line [add]
08. Just a Dream [add]
09. What Ya Gonna Do for Love [add]
10. Bavarian Baby [add]

Day Dreaming at Midnight (1994) 01. Too Little Too Late [add]
02. Twisted World [add]
03. Darling Dolores [add]
04. Day Dreaming at Midnight [add]
05. Into the Night [add]
06. Dylan Come Lately [add]
07. She Would If She Could, She Can't So She Won't [add]
08. You Don't Know (How Young You Are) [add]
09. County Line [add]
10. Romance Is All Screwed Up [add]
11. Freedom Is Mine [add]
12. Intoxication [add]

Live from Austin, Texas (2006) 01. Mendocino [add]
02. 96 Tears [add]
03. Rains Came [add]
04. Down on the Border [add]
05. It Was Fun While It Lasted [add]
06. I Keep Wishing for You [add]
07. Groover's Paradise [add]
08. Goin' Down to Mexico [add]
09. Who Were You Thinkin' Of? [add]
10. Who'll Be the Next in Line? [add]
11. Tonite, Tonite [add]
12. Old Habits Die Hard [add]
13. At the Crossroads [add]
14. (Is Anybody Goin' To) San Antone [add]
15. Ya No Llores/Chicano [add]
16. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]
17. She's About a Mover [add]

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