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Gowan lyrics
Genre: Rock
Gowan (1982) 01. Jet White [add]
02. Keep up the Fight [add]
03. Come a Little Closer [add]
04. Make It Alone [add]
05. Send Me Energy [add]
06. Oceania [add]
07. I Was Only Looking [add]
08. I'm Not Involved [add]
09. Give In [add]
10. Victory [add]

Strange Animal (1985) 01. Cosmetics lyrics
02. Desperate lyrics
03. City of the Angels [add]
04. Walking on Air [add]
05. Burning Torches of Hope [add]
06. Keep the Tension On [add]
07. Guerilla Soldier lyrics
08. (You're A) Strange Animal [add]
09. A Criminal Mind lyrics

Great Dirty World (1987) 01. Moonlight Desires lyrics
02. Awake the Giant lyrics
03. Living in the Golden Age lyrics
04. Dedication lyrics
05. Human Drama lyrics
06. Forever One lyrics
07. One Brief Shining Moment lyrics
08. 60 Second Nightmare lyrics
09. Great Dirty World lyrics

Lost Brotherhood (1990) 01. All the Lovers in the World lyrics
02. Lost Brotherhood lyrics
03. Call It a Mission lyrics
04. The Dragon lyrics
05. Love Makes You Believe lyrics
06. Fire It Up lyrics
07. Out of a Deeper Hunger lyrics
08. Tender Young Hero lyrics
09. Message from Heaven lyrics
10. Holding This Rage lyrics

...But You Can Call Me Larry (1993) 01. Soul's Road [add]
02. When There's Time (For Love) lyrics
03. Innocent [add]
04. Your Stone Walls lyrics
05. Dancing on My Own Ground [add]
06. Cry on My Shoulder [add]
07. Moonchild's Psychedelic Holiday [add]
08. You Never Let Go [add]
09. (In the) Wild Summer Night [add]
10. Last Laugh [add]
11. Little Face [add]

The Good Catches Up (1995) 01. Guns and God [add]
02. The Good Catches Up lyrics
03. I'll Be There in a Minute [add]
04. Laura lyrics
05. Get It While You Can lyrics
06. Cyberbabes lyrics
07. Pigeon lyrics
08. Put It Where the Love Don't Shine [add]
09. You'll Be with Me [add]

Au Quebec (1997) 01. Strange Animal lyrics
02. Cosmetics lyrics
03. Dedication lyrics
04. Pigeon lyrics
05. Laura lyrics
06. I'll Be There in a Minute [add]
07. Pour Un Instant [add]
08. Stephanie [Studio Version] [add]
09. Pour Un Instant [Studio Version] [add]
10. The Good Catches Up lyrics
11. Guerrilla Soldier [add]
12. Lost Brotherhood lyrics
13. Moonlight Desires lyrics
14. A Criminal Mind lyrics
15. You'll Be with Me [add]

Sololive: No Kilt Tonight (1997) 01. You're a Strange Animal [add]
02. Soul's Road [add]
03. Dedication lyrics
04. Cosmetics lyrics
05. Imagine [add]
06. Pathetique [add]
07. The King Chanticleer Rag [add]
08. The Lumberjack Song [add]
09. Dancing on My Own Ground [add]
10. Guerrilla Soldier [add]
11. Cry on My Shoulder [add]
12. Moonlight Desires lyrics
13. A Criminal Mind lyrics
14. You'll Be with Me [add]

Home Field (1998) 01. Innocent [add]
02. A Criminal Mind [Solo Live] [add]
03. Pigeon lyrics
04. Wild Summer Night [add]
05. Lost Brotherhood [Solo Live] [add]
06. I'll Be There in a Minute [add]
07. Soul's Road [add]
08. The Good Catches Up lyrics
09. Laura [Solo Live] [add]
10. Moonlight Desires lyrics
11. Your Stone Walls lyrics
12. Guns and God [add]
13. You'll Be with Me [Solo Live] [add]
14. Make It Alone [add]
15. Healing Waters [add]

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