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Eddie Cochran lyrics
Genre: Rock
Eddie Cochran (1960) 01. Summertime Blues lyrics
02. My Way [add]
03. I Remember [add]
04. Three Steps to Heaven [add]
05. Skinny Jim [add]
06. Completely Sweet [add]
07. Lonely [add]
08. Long Tall Sally [add]
09. C'mon Everybody lyrics
10. Teenage Heaven [add]
11. Boll Weevil [add]
12. Pretty Girl [add]
13. Cherished Memories [add]
14. I'm Ready [add]
15. Sweetie Pie [add]
16. Eddie's Blues [add]

My Way (1964) 01. My Way [add]
02. Little Angel [add]
03. Love Again [add]
04. I Almost Lost My Mind [add]
05. Little Lou [add]
06. Guybo [add]

One Minute to One (2003) 01. One Minute to One [add]
02. Jungle Jingle [add]
03. Little Angel [add]
04. Fontella [add]
05. Once More [add]
06. Milk Cow Blues [add]
07. That's What It Takes to Make a Man [add]
08. This Must Be the Place [add]
09. Scratchin' [add]
10. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me [add]
11. Jelly Bean [add]
12. Did You Ever [add]
13. Dark Lonely Street [add]
14. Have an Apple Dearie [add]
15. Nervous Breakdown [add]
16. Someone to Love Me [add]
17. I Hang My Head and Cry [add]
18. Ting-A-Ling Telephone [add]
19. I'm Confessin' [add]
20. I Dream of You [add]
21. Guybo [add]
22. Quick Like [add]
23. Equator [add]
24. Half Loved [add]
25. Weekend [add]
26. Pretty Little Devil [add]
27. Little Angel [add]
28. Rock 'N' Roll Blues [add]

Rockin' It Country Style (2003) 01. Rockin' It [instrumental] [add]
02. Gambler's Guitar [add]
03. Jammin' With Jimmy [instrumental] [add]
04. Tenderly [instrumental] [add]
05. Steelin' the Blues [add]
06. Two of a Kind [instrumental] [add]
07. Stardust [instrumental] [add]
08. Candy Kisses [add]
09. Chuck & Eddie's Boogie [instrumental] [add]
10. In the Mood [instrumental] [add]
11. I'll See You in My Dreams [instrumental] [add]
12. Hearts of Stone [add]
13. Cannonball Rag [instrumental] [add]
14. Blue Gypsy [instrumental] [add]
15. The Poor People of Paris [instrumental] [add]
16. That's Alright Mama [add]
17. She Done Give Her Heart to Me [add]
18. Remington Ride [instrumental] [add]
19. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young [add]
20. Rockin' & Flyin' [add]
21. Closer, Closer, Closer [add]
22. A Healer Like Time [add]
23. Water Baby Blues [instrumental] [add]
24. Stardust [Backing Track] [add]
25. Two of a Kind [Backing Track] [add]
26. Humourous Conversation [add]

Mighty Mean (2003) 01. Mr. Fiddle [add]
02. Two Blue Singing Stars [add]
03. Guilty Conscience [add]
04. Your Tomorrows Never Come [add]
05. Latch On [add]
06. Yesterday's Heartbreak [add]
07. Heart of a Fool [add]
08. My Love to Remember [add]
09. Latch On [add]
10. He's Graduating [add]
11. Pink-Peg Slacks [add]
12. I'm Ready [add]
13. Tired & Sleepy [add]
14. Fool's Paradise [add]
15. Slow Down [add]
16. Open the Door [add]
17. Latch On [add]
18. Half Loved [add]
19. Nice 'N' Easy [add]
20. Mighty Mean [add]
21. Interview with Eddie Cochran, Pt. 1 [add]
22. Sittin' in the Balcony [add]
23. Interview with Eddie Cochran [add]
24. Twenty-Flight Rock lyrics
25. Interview with Jimmy Bowen, Plus KSCR Radio Promo [add]
26. Interview with Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison, Eddie Cochran and Connie 'G [add]
27. Jerry Allison KCSR Radio Promo [add]
28. Freeman Introes Eddie's KCSR Radio Promo [add]
29. Eddie's L.A.'Big Sound' Radio Promo [add]
30. Eddie Talks About Frankie Lymon [add]

French Sixties EP Collection (2004) 01. C'mon Everybody lyrics
02. Sittin' in the Balcony [add]
03. 20 Flight Rock [add]
04. Summertime Blues lyrics
05. Hallelujah I Love Her So [add]
06. Little Angel [add]
07. Somethin' Else [add]
08. Boll Weewil Song [add]
09. Twenty Flight Rock lyrics
10. Stockings and Shoes [add]
11. Nervous Breakdown [add]
12. Weekend [add]
13. Completely Sweet [add]
14. Stockings and Shoes [add]
15. Skinny Jim [add]
16. Undying Love [add]
17. Somethin' Else [add]
18. Cherished Memories [add]
19. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie [add]
20. Lovin' Time [add]
21. C'mon Everybody lyrics
22. Pocketful of Hearts [add]
23. Long Tall Sally [add]
24. Three Steps to Heaven [add]
25. Blue Suede Shoes [add]
26. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You [add]
27. Summertime Blues lyrics
28. Mean When I'm Mad [add]

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