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Chuck Berry lyrics
Genre: Rock
One Dozen Berrys (1958) 01. Sweet Little Sixteen lyrics
02. Blue Feeling [add]
03. La Jaunda (Espanola) [add]
04. Rockin' at the Philharmonic [add]
05. Oh Baby Doll lyrics
06. Guitar Boogie [add]
07. Reelin' and Rockin' [add]
08. In-Go [add]
09. Rock & Roll Music [add]
10. How You've Changed lyrics
11. Low Feeling [add]
12. It Don't Take But a Few Minutes [add]

Chuck Berry Is on Top (1959) 01. Almost Grown lyrics
02. Carol lyrics
03. Maybellene lyrics
04. Sweet Little Rock & Roller [add]
05. Anthony Boy lyrics
06. Johnny B. Goode lyrics
07. Little Queenie lyrics
08. Jo Jo Gunne lyrics
09. Roll over Beethoven [add]
10. Around and Around [add]
11. Hey Pedro [add]
12. Blues for Hawaiians [add]

Rockin' at the Hops (1960) 01. Bye Bye Johnny lyrics
02. Worried Life Blues lyrics
03. Down the Road a Piece [add]
04. Confessin' the Blues [add]
05. Too Pooped to Pop [add]
06. Mad Lad [add]
07. I Got to Find My Baby [add]
08. Betty Jean lyrics
09. Childhood Sweetheart lyrics
10. Broken Arrow [add]
11. Driftin' Blues [add]
12. Let It Rock lyrics

New Juke Box Hits (1961) 01. I'm Talking About You lyrics
02. Diploma for Two [add]
03. Thirteen Question Method lyrics
04. Away from You [add]
05. Don't You Lie to Me [add]
06. The Way It Was Before [add]
07. Little Star [add]
08. Route 66 lyrics
09. Sweet Sixteen lyrics
10. Run Around lyrics
11. Stop and Listen [add]
12. Rip It Up [add]

Chuck Berry Twist (1962) 01. Maybellene lyrics
02. Roll over Beethoven [add]
03. Oh Baby Doll lyrics
04. Around and Around [add]
05. Come On lyrics
06. Let It Rock lyrics
07. Reelin' and Rockin' [add]
08. School Days lyrics
09. Almost Grown lyrics
10. Sweet Little Sixteen lyrics
11. Thirty Days lyrics
12. Johnny B. Goode lyrics
13. Rock & Roll Music [add]
14. Back in the U.S.A. [add]

Chuck Berry on Stage [live] (1963) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Go Go Go lyrics
03. Memphis lyrics
04. Maybellene lyrics
05. Surfing Street [add]
06. Rocking on the Railroad [add]
07. Brown Eyed Handsome Man lyrics
08. Still Got the Blues [add]
09. Sweet Little Sixteen lyrics
10. Jaguar and Thunderbird [add]
11. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
12. All Aboard [add]
13. Trick or Treat [add]
14. The Man and the Donkey [add]

St. Louis to Liverpool (1964) 01. Little Marie lyrics
02. Our Little Rendezvous lyrics
03. No Particular Place to Go [add]
04. You Two [add]
05. Promised Land lyrics
06. You Never Can Tell lyrics
07. Go Bobby Soxer lyrics
08. The Things I Used to Do [add]
09. Liverpool Drive [add]
10. Night Beat [add]
11. Merry Christmas, Baby [add]
12. Brenda Lee [add]
13. Fraulein [*] [add]
14. The Little Girl from Central [*] [add]
15. O'Rangutang [*] [add]

Chuck Berry in London (1965) 01. My Little Love Light [add]
02. She Once Was Mine [add]
03. After It's Over [add]
04. I Got a Booking [add]
05. Night Beat [add]
06. His Daughter Caroline lyrics
07. You Came a Long Way from St. Louis [add]
08. St. Louis Blues lyrics
09. Jamaica Farewell Song [add]
10. Dear Dad lyrics
11. Butterscotch [add]
12. The Song of My Love [add]
13. Why Should We End This Way lyrics
14. I Want to Be Your Driver [add]

Fresh Berry's (1965) 01. It Wasn't Me lyrics
02. Run Joe [add]
03. Every Day We Rock and Roll [add]
04. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) [add]
05. Welcome Back Pretty Baby lyrics
06. It's My Own Business lyrics
07. Right Off Rampart Street lyrics
08. Vaya con Dios [add]
09. Merrily We Rock and Roll [add]
10. My Mustang Ford lyrics
11. Ain't That Just Like a Woman [add]
12. Wee Hour Blues [add]

Live at the Fillmore Auditorium (1967) 01. Every Day I Have the Blues [add]
02. C.C. Rider [add]
03. Driftin' Blues [add]
04. Feelin' It [add]
05. Flying Home [add]
06. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
07. It Hurts Me Too [add]
08. Fillmore Blues [add]
09. Wee Baby Blues [add]
10. Johnny B. Goode lyrics

Concerto in B Goode [live] (1969) 01. Concerto in B Goode [add]
02. Good Looking Woman lyrics
03. My Woman lyrics
04. It's Too Dark in There [add]
05. Put Her Down [add]

San Francisco Dues (1971) 01. Oh Louisiana lyrics
02. Let's Do Our Thing Together lyrics
03. Your Lick [add]
04. Festival [add]
05. Bound to Lose [add]
06. Bordeaux in My Pirough [add]
07. San Francisco Dues lyrics
08. Viva Rock & Roll [add]
09. My Dream (Poem) [add]
10. Lonely School Days lyrics

The London Chuck Berry Sessions [live] (1972) 01. Let's Boogie lyrics
02. Mean Old World [add]
03. I Will Not Let You Go lyrics
04. London Berry Blues [add]
05. I Love You lyrics
06. Reelin' and Rockin' [add]
07. My Ding-A-Ling [add]
08. Johnny B. Goode lyrics

Rock It (1979) 01. Move It lyrics
02. Oh What a Thrill [add]
03. I Need You Baby lyrics
04. If I Were lyrics
05. House Lights lyrics
06. I Never Thought lyrics
07. Havana Moon lyrics
08. Wuden't Me lyrics
09. California lyrics
10. Pass Away lyrics

Hail! Hail! Rock 'N Roll (1987) 01. Maybellene lyrics
02. Around and Around [live] [add]
03. Sweet Little Sixteen lyrics
04. Brown Eyed Handsome Man lyrics
05. Memphis lyrics
06. Too Much Monkey Business lyrics
07. Back in the U.S.A. [add]
08. Wee Wee Hours lyrics
09. Johnny B. Goode lyrics
10. Little Queenie lyrics
11. Rock & Roll Music [add]
12. Roll over Beethoven [add]
13. I'm Through With Love [Rehearsal Recording] [add]

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