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Testify lyrics
Genre: Rock
Testify 01 (1993) 01. Killer lyrics
02. A.N.G.E.R. lyrics
03. Ride lyrics
04. Get Busted [add]
05. You Gotta Have Brains and You Gotta Have Balls [add]
06. One Man's a Gang [Gang Version] [add]
07. Future Lust [add]
08. Deceiver lyrics
09. Spoil lyrics
10. Suck This [add]
11. Testify 01 lyrics

Ballroom Killer (1995) 01. Ballroom Blitz [add]
02. Killer lyrics
03. Spoil [Wing Tip Mix] [add]
04. Ride [F**k Me + Stay Mix] [add]
05. A.N.G.E.R. Straight [add]
06. Get Busted [Horny Bub Edit] [add]
07. Ballroom Blitz [add]

Mmmyaoooo (1996) 01. Pink Goblin [add]
02. Head of Compassion [add]
03. Block in the Eye [add]
04. Lethal Viper [add]
05. Dumb [add]
06. Under Queen Whore's Grim Protection [add]
07. B. Blaster [add]
08. Trash 21 (The Noble Knights of Testify Reject Malicious Joy) [add]
09. Mouth [add]
10. Persistent Circulation [add]
11. Quest of Nothing [add]

Crack the Mind (1998) 01. Violin [add]
02. I Am the Gas to Burn [add]
03. Guevara [add]
04. The War of the Minds [add]
05. Wreck Me [add]
06. Dumb [Die Krupps Remix] [add]
07. Under the Queen Whore's Grim Protection (She Is Me) [add]
08. Head of Compassion [Plastic Attack Mix] [add]
09. Quest of Nothing [Warzone Pharmaceuticals Mix] [add]

Triviality Beyond Acceptance (2001) 01. White Skinned Heroine [add]
02. Fragile Puppet [add]
03. Grinning Sun [add]
04. Invisible Hell (The Plumpsack) [add]
05. Abuser's Gabble [add]
06. The Entanglement of Sexus [add]
07. Karl Found Out: The Definition [add]
08. Braindead Friction [add]
09. The Seed of Wrath [add]
10. Dumb/Numb/Gun [add]
11. Under the Cold Moon [add]

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