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Hades lyrics
Genre: Rock
Again Shall Be (1998) 01. Pagan Triumph [add]
02. Hecate (Queen of Hades) [add]
03. The Ecstacy of an Astral Journey lyrics
04. An Oath Sworn in Bjorgvin lyrics
05. ...Again It Shall Be [add]
06. The Spirit of an Ancient Past lyrics
07. Unholy Congregation lyrics
08. Golrious Again the Northland Shall Become [add]
09. Be-Witched [add]
10. In the Moonless Sky lyrics

Dawn of the Dying Sun (1998) 01. Dawn of the Dying Sun [add]
02. Awakening of Kings [add]
03. Apocalyptic Prophecies (Sign of Hades) [add]
04. Alone Walking [add]
05. Crusade of the Underworld Hordes lyrics
06. Tale of a Nocturnal Empress [add]
07. Red Sun Mocks My Sadness [add]
08. Pagan Prayer lyrics

Saviorself (1999) 01. Saviorself [add]
02. Decline & Fall of the American Empire [add]
03. Our Father [add]
04. Active Contrition lyrics
05. To Know One lyrics
06. In the Words of the Profit [add]
07. The Agnostic lyrics
08. Y2K lyrics
09. End of the Bargain [add]
10. Fail lyrics
11. The Atheist lyrics

The Downside (2000) 01. Gound Zero N.Y.C. [add]
02. Align the Planets [add]
03. Bitter Suite #1 [add]
04. Hoax [add]
05. Pay the Price [add]
06. Hail to the Thief [add]
07. Shove It [add]
08. It's a Wonderful Lie [add]
09. Become Dust [add]
10. Responsible [add]
11. The Me That Might Have Been [add]
12. Gound Zero (Reprise) [add]

On Location Live (2000) 01. The Leaders [add]
02. King in Exile lyrics
03. On to Iliad [add]
04. In the Meantime [add]
05. Opinionated [add]
06. Rebel Without a Brain lyrics
07. A lyrics
08. Rape of Persephone [add]
09. The Cross lyrics
10. Face the Fat Reality lyrics
11. I Too Eye lyrics
12. Aftermath of Betrayal lyrics
13. Nightstalker lyrics
14. System Addict-His N Hers [add]
15. Non Fiction-Love, Liking, Nothing [add]
16. Hades-Saviorself [add]
17. Dreams of Venus-Book of Lies [add]

Damnation (2001) 01. Bloast [add]
02. Out the Window [add]
03. Damnation [add]
04. Absorbed [add]
05. Force Quit [add]
06. Stressfest [add]
07. Biocaust [add]
08. This I Know [add]
09. Momentary Clarity [add]
10. California Song [add]
11. Stop and Go [add]
12. Bad Vibrations [add]

Nothing Succeeds Like Success (2005) 01. Leaders [add]
02. On to Iliad [add]
03. Legal Tender lyrics
04. Sweet Revenge lyrics
05. Nightstalkers [add]
06. Resist Success lyrics
07. Widows Mite lyrics
08. Cross [add]
09. Masque of the Red Death [add]
10. Target Fixation [add]
11. Force Quit [add]
12. Thinktank [add]
13. Opinionate [add]
14. Int He Meantime [add]
15. Rebel Without a Brain lyrics
16. King in Exile lyrics
17. Face Teh Fat Reality [add]
18. Outro [add]
19. I Too Eye lyrics
20. Diplomatic Immunity lyrics
21. Process of Assimilation lyrics
22. Tears of Orpheus [add]
23. Aftermath of Betrayal lyrics
24. Finale [add]

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