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Sargeist lyrics
Genre: Rock
Satanic Black Devotion (2003) 01. Preludium [add]
02. Satanic Black Devotion [add]
03. Obire Pestis (Suicidal Ruin) [add]
04. Frowning, Existing [add]
05. Glorification [add]
06. Panzergod [add]
07. Black Fucking Murder [add]
08. Sargeist [add]
09. Returning to Misery & Comfort [add]

Sargeist/Horned Almighty (2005) 01. In Ruin & Despair [add]
02. Questing the Blessing of Evil [add]
03. Profane Bleeding Call [add]
04. At the Altar of the Beast [add]
05. Skullsplitting Manifest [add]
06. Degradation Song [add]
07. In Torture We Trust [add]
08. To the Lord Our Lives [add]

Disciple of the Heinous Path (2005) 01. Black Treasures of Melancholy [add]
02. Remains of an Unholy Past [add]
03. Cursed Blaze of Rituals [add]
04. Disciple of the Heinous Path [add]
05. Heretic Iron Will [add]
06. Echoes from a Morbid Night [add]

Tyranny Returns (2005) 01. Preludium: Golden Seed of Father-Sun [add]
02. Anti-Human Black Metal Wrath [add]
03. Night of Sacred Wisdom [add]
04. Dark Fortress [add]
05. Scion of Glory & Pride [add]
06. Interludium [add]
07. The Impaler Prince [add]
08. Sinister Glow of the Funeral Torches [add]
09. Sworn by the White Wolves Blood [add]
10. Iron, Blood & Blasphemy [add]
11. Postludium: Silver Womb of Mother-Moon [add]

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