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Blut Aus Nord lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Work Which Transforms God (2004) 01. End [add]
02. The Choir of the Dead [add]
03. Axis [add]
04. The Fall [add]
05. Metamorphosis [add]
06. The Supreme Abstract [add]
07. Our Blessed Frozen Cells [add]
08. Devilish Essence [add]
09. The Howling of God [add]
10. Inner Metal Cage [add]
11. Density [add]
12. Procession of the Dead Clowns [add]

Mystical Beast of Rebellion (2004) 01. The Fall Chapter I [add]
02. The Fall Chapter II [add]
03. The Fall Chapter III [add]
04. The Fall Chapter IV [add]
05. The Fall Chapter V [add]

Memoria Vetusta I (2005) 01. Slaughterday (The Heathen Blood of Ours) [add]
02. On the Path of Wolf...Towards Dwarfhill [add]
03. Sons of Wisdom, Master of Elements [add]
04. The Forsaken Voices of the Gosthwood's Shadowy Realm [add]
05. The Territory of Witches/Guardians of the Dark Lake [add]
06. Day of Revenge (The Impure Blood of Theirs) [add]
07. Fathers of the Icy Ages [add]

Ultima Thulle (2005) 01. The Son of Hoarfrost [add]
02. The Plain of Ida [add]
03. From Hlidskjalf [add]
04. My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap [add]
05. Till' I Perceive Bifrost [add]
06. On the Way to Vigrid [add]
07. Rigsthula [add]
08. The Last Journey of Ringhorn [add]

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