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The Untamed Youth lyrics
Genre: Rock
Live from Fabulous Las Vegas Strip (1995) 01. Go Go Ferrari/Russian Roulette/Some Kinda Fun/Haulin'honda/Without ... [add]
02. SS 396/Drag Race Tragedy/Sea and Shore/Souble Whammy/What'll You Have [add]

Untamed Melodies (1996) 01. Some Kind of Fun [add]
02. You've Got to Understand [add]
03. Laughin' Linda [add]
04. Pabst Blue Ribbon [add]
05. Beer Bust Blues [add]
06. She's So Satisfying [add]
07. I'm Going Away [add]
08. Haulin' Honda [add]
09. Go Go Ferrari [add]
10. Santa's Gonna Shut 'Em Down [add]
11. Santa's Midnight Run [add]
12. Little Miss Go Go [add]
13. The Hearse [add]
14. Hey Elly May [add]
15. Angel Face [add]
16. Contentment [add]
17. California Street [add]
18. (I Live for) Cars and Girls [add]
19. Supercharged Steamroller [add]
20. The Gasser [add]
21. Overcast [add]
22. What'll You Have [add]
23. She Cares [add]
24. Hey Little Girls [add]
25. Drag Race Tragedy [add]
26. Russian Roulette [add]
27. Adam and Evil [add]
28. Land Beyond the Moon [add]
29. Kapo [add]
30. Sour Grapes [add]
31. Rollerland [add]
32. Some Kinda Fun Radio Ad [add]

An Invention to Planet Mace (1997) 01. I'll Be Gone [add]
02. Beer Bust Blues [add]
03. Fire Breathin' '32 [add]
04. Without a Word of Warning [add]
05. F.U.J.I.M.O [add]
06. Mailbox Jamboree [add]
07. Whistle Bait [add]
08. Ghost Wave [add]
09. Ain't Got a Thing [add]
10. Life O' the Party [add]
11. Jet's Julep [add]
12. Two Wheel Showstopper [add]
13. I'm More Punk Than You! [add]
14. Beer Belly Baby [add]
15. Scrambler [add]

Youth Runs Wild (1998) 01. Haunted Castle Party [add]
02. I Couldn't Care Less [add]
03. Charlena [add]
04. Mace Has Got a Hot Rod Dart [add]
05. They Can't Call It Beer [add]
06. F-Olding Money [add]
07. Lightnin' Louie [add]
08. Girl Happy [add]
09. Full Blown 426 Hemi [add]
10. I've Been Wrong Before [add]
11. Red Line [add]
12. Where Did Kono Go? [add]
13. Iron Cross [add]
14. Dance Sammy Dance [add]

Major Chaos! (2002) 01. Since You Went Away [add]
02. Hot Lips Baby [add]
03. You Gotta Stop [add]
04. SS 396 [add]
05. Minor Chaos [add]
06. Don Stole My Girl [add]
07. Surfin' Man [add]
08. Come on Down to My Boat [add]
09. Don't Look Back [add]
10. Doin' Me In [add]
11. Make You Mine [add]
12. Pabst Blue Ribbon [Original Version] [add]
13. My General Lee [add]
14. Bird Dance Beat [add]
15. Go Girl Go [add]
16. Drag Race Tragedy [Take 2] [add]
17. I Don't Want You [add]
18. Mercy Mercy [add]
19. What a Girl Can't Do [add]
20. Little Latin Lupe Lu/Midnight Hour [add]
21. Boss Hoss [add]
22. Sophisticated International Playboys Theme Song [add]
23. Sea and Shore [add]
24. Interview [add]

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