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Dirtclodfight lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hunting Lesson (1993) 01. Dress Like a Fish [add]
02. Insulator Man [add]
03. She Must Be an Artist [add]
04. Mija [add]
05. Blowdryer in the Bathtub [add]
06. Gardening Conspiracy [add]
07. When to Sink [add]
08. Long Tongue [add]
09. The One That Killed Him [add]
10. Tapped [add]
11. Isolated [add]
12. Where Two Went [add]

Suffering the Aftertaste (1994) 01. Mirror Liquor [add]
02. His Final Cancellation Notice [add]
03. At Least I Bring Gifts [add]
04. Song for an Asthmatic [add]
05. ...And Crammed [add]
06. Feel Free to Gape [add]
07. The Rodent Incident [add]
08. Scattered, Smothered and Covered [add]
09. I Got Crazy Things [add]
10. Gimp, an Autobiography [add]
11. Real Food [add]
12. Everyday: The Laundry [add]
13. O, the Filth of It All [add]

Everything That Isn't (1994) 01. Brutal Flower [add]
02. A Hard God to Swallow [add]
03. Getting Over [add]
04. The Crawl [add]
05. Everything That Isn't [add]
06. This One Is Empty [add]
07. Big Sleep [add]
08. The Art of Vacuuming [add]
09. Learning to Swim [add]
10. Kill the Hollow [add]
11. Gun Metal Gray [add]

Hymnal (1995) 01. King Self's Idiot Shrine [add]
02. Badgers With Like Scars [add]
03. Handgun Initiative [add]
04. The Guy That Runs the Fog Machine [add]
05. Slower, Slowest [add]
06. Left [add]
07. Asleeper [add]
08. Throttle Downer [add]
09. And That's Just Charming [add]
10. What's a Man to Do [add]
11. If I Was Handsomer [add]
12. Considering It...Done [add]

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