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The Milkshakes lyrics
Genre: Rock
After School Session (1983) 01. Shimmy Shake [add]
02. I Can Tell [add]
03. Tell Me Child [add]
04. Goodbye Girl [add]
05. More Honey [add]
06. Soldiers of Love [add]
07. El Salvador [add]
08. Let's Stomp [add]
09. Hide and Scatter [add]
10. Jaguar [add]
11. That Girl of Mine [add]
12. You Can Only Lose [add]
13. Little Minnie [add]
14. Cadillac [add]

20 Rock & Roll Hits of the 50's & 60's (1984) 01. Hippy Hippy Shake [add]
02. Rip It Up [add]
03. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry [add]
04. Say Mama [add]
05. Peggy Sue [add]
06. Jaguar and Thunderbird [add]
07. Comanche [add]
08. I'm Talking About You [add]
09. Sweet Little Sixteen [add]
10. Money (Thats What I Want) [add]
11. Carol [add]
12. Boys [add]
13. Something Else [add]
14. Some Other Guy [add]
15. Who Do You Love [add]
16. Jezebel [add]
17. Hidden Charms [add]
18. Little Queenie [add]
19. Ya Ya (Twist) [add]
20. I Wanna Be Your Man [add]

Milkshakes in Germany (1984) 01. I'll Find Another [add]
02. If I Get You [add]
03. Last Night (Was the Last Time) [add]
04. She's the Kind of Girl [add]
05. Love Can Lose [add]
06. Comes Along Midnight [add]
07. One Day You Die [add]
08. Late at Night [add]
09. I'm Asking You [add]
10. I Need Lovin' [add]
11. Found My Girl [add]
12. Sometimes I Wantcha (For Your Money) [add]

Nothing Can Stop These Men (1984) 01. You Got Me Girl [add]
02. Little Bettina [add]
03. Ida Honey (Tell Me You'll Be Mine) [add]
04. She's No Good to Me [add]
05. Chatham Train [add]
06. Dull Knife [add]
07. She's Just Fifteen Years Old [add]
08. The Grim Reaper [add]
09. Everywhere I Look [add]
10. I'm the One for You [add]
11. That's My Revenge [add]
12. You've Been Lyin' [add]

Showcase (1984) 01. Please Don't Tell My Baby [add]
02. After Midnight [add]
03. Tell Me Child [add]
04. The Yorkshire Ripper [add]
05. Can You Tell Me [add]
06. Hide and Scatter [add]
07. Shimmy Shake [add]
08. Pretty Baby (There's Something That You Lack) [add]
09. The Red Monkey [add]
10. Exactly Like You [add]
11. Don't Love Another [add]
12. Black Sails in the Moonlight [add]
13. Jaguar [add]
14. Run Chicken Run [add]

The 107 Tapes (1986) 01. Pretty Baby [add]
02. Ruhrge Beat [add]
03. Well Well [add]
04. I Want You [add]
05. Flat Foot [add]
06. I Say You Lie [add]
07. Shed Country '81 [add]
08. Don't Love Another [add]
09. Mumble the Peg [add]
10. You Did Her Wrong [add]
11. The Red Monkey [add]
12. Let's Stomp [add]
13. Eaten More Honey [add]
14. Tell Me Where's That Girl [add]
15. A Girl Called Mine [add]
16. Little Queenie [add]
17. Jaguar [add]
18. Black Sails [add]
19. Sit Right Down and Cry [add]
20. She Tells Me She Loves Me [add]
21. Soldiers of Love [add]
22. Monkey Business [add]
23. Let Me Love You [add]
24. El Salvador [add]
25. Boys [add]

The Milkshakes' Revenge! (1987) 01. Let Me Love You [add]
02. I Want You [add]
03. If I Saw You [add]
04. Graveyard Words [add]
05. Boys [add]
06. Little Girl Be Good [add]
07. Pipeline [add]
08. She Tells Me She Loves Me [add]
09. Little Girl [add]
10. Every Girl I Meet [add]
11. The One I Get [add]
12. Baby What's Wrong [add]

Still Talkin Bout (2000) 01. I Won't Be There [add]
02. Man and the Donkey [add]
03. Medicine Man [add]
04. Hocus Pocus [add]
05. The Girl That Radiates That Charm [add]
06. Gallis Poll [add]
07. What Became [add]
08. Who'll Be Next in Line [add]
09. Minute Man [add]
10. I Told You It's Right [add]
11. Dancing Girl [add]
12. Time's Against You [add]
13. Loving Is Believing [add]
14. Dizzy Miss Lizzy [add]

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