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Genre: Rock
AHS: 1005 (1981) 01. Buried Alive [add]
02. In Motion [add]
03. High on Yourself [add]
04. What a Girl Can't Do [add]
05. Help You Ann lyrics
06. I Really Want You Right Now [add]
07. Ain't Going Nowhere [add]
08. 100 CC's (Pure Thrust) [add]
09. She Pays the Rent [add]
10. High on Yourself [add]
11. What a Girl Can't Do [add]
12. Buried Alive [add]
13. In Motion [add]

On Fyre (1984) 01. Don't Give It up Now [add]
02. Help You Ann lyrics
03. I Confess [add]
04. I'm Telling You Girl [add]
05. Love Me Till the Sun Shines [add]
06. I Really Want You Right Now [add]
07. Tired of Waiting [add]
08. Dolly [add]
09. Soapy [add]
10. The Way I Feel About You [add]
11. Not Like the Other One [add]
12. Never Met a Girl Like You Before [add]
13. How Could Have I Done All of These Things [add]
14. Swing Shift [add]
15. Trying Just to Please You [add]
16. Busy Body [add]
17. Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now [add]
18. She Pays the Rent [add]
19. You've Been Wrong [add]
20. I'll Try Anyway [add]

Lyres Lyres (1986) 01. Not Looking Back [add]
02. She Pays the Rent [add]
03. You'll Never Do It Baby [add]
04. I Love Her Still, I Always Will [add]
05. No Reason to Complain [add]
06. The Only Thing [add]
07. Stacey [add]
08. How Do You Know? [add]
09. You Won't Be Sad Anymore [add]
10. If You Want My Love [add]
11. Busy Men [add]
12. Teach Me to Forget You [add]
13. Stormy [add]

A Promise Is a Promise (1988) 01. Here's a Heart [add]
02. On Fyre [add]
03. Every Man for Himself [add]
04. Feel Good [add]
05. I'll Try You Anyway [add]
06. Worried About Nothing [add]
07. Running Through the Night [add]
08. She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies [add]
09. Jagged Time Lapse [add]
10. Knock My Socks Off [add]
11. Sick and Tired [add]
12. Trying Just to Please You [add]
13. She Pays the Rent [live] [add]
14. She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies [live] [add]
15. Touch [live] [add]
16. Witch [live] [add]
17. We Sell Soul [add]

Happy Now... (1993) 01. Baby (I Still Need Your Lovin') [add]
02. But If You're Happy [add]
03. Never Be Free [add]
04. I'll Make It up to You [add]
05. Pain [add]
06. Now I've Got a Witness [add]
07. Nobody But Me [add]
08. Stoned [add]
09. I Ain't Going Nowhere [add]
10. 100 CC's (Pure Thrust) [Bootleg Version] [add]
11. Take a Look at Me [add]
12. I Can Tell [add]

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