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The Insomniacs lyrics
Genre: Rock
Wake Up (1995) 01. Walpurgis Urges [add]
02. Outta Her Mind [add]
03. I've Been Around [add]
04. The Pop Cycle [add]
05. You Make It Move [add]
06. My Favorite Story [add]
07. Goin' Out of My Mind [add]
08. I've Got Mine [add]
09. Time Ticks By [add]
10. The World Disappears [add]
11. Sunshine Girls [add]
12. Nothing Is Real [add]

Out of It (1997) 01. Already Down [add]
02. Get Yourself Home [add]
03. God I Need It [add]
04. Crystal Clear [add]
05. O'Clock O'Clock [add]
06. Don't Turn Away [add]
07. Sylvia Gray [add]
08. Feel, Feel, Feel [add]
09. Help! Murder! Police! [add]
10. Baby, Come [add]
11. Nag Champa [add]
12. Love Me to Death [add]
13. Lord, I've Been Thinking [add]
14. Jump and Dance [add]
15. The Long Cigarette [add]

Get Something Going (2000) 01. E-G-A-R-A-G [add]
02. Funkensteen [add]
03. And the Candle Burns [add]
04. Girl [add]
05. Tomorrow Is... [add]
06. Miss Expanding Universe (Swamp Rat) [add]
07. Guilt Free [add]
08. That's Alright [add]
09. Tear It Out [add]
10. Something for the Weekend [add]
11. Stick With Her [add]
12. Anywhere in the World [add]
13. In Crowd Hangout [add]

Switched On! (2004) 01. Alice White [add]
02. Somewhere [add]
03. Leave [add]
04. It's Gone [add]
05. She's a Mess [add]
06. Upandaway [add]
07. Switched On! [add]
08. Rapporte La [add]
09. Maryanne Lightly [add]
10. Listen, Mary [add]
11. The Pudding Club [add]
12. Tomorrow [add]

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