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The Fuzztones lyrics
Genre: Rock
Leave Your Mind at Home (1984) 01. Voices Green and Purple [add]
02. Blackout of Gretely [add]
03. No Friend of Mine [add]
04. We're Pretty Quick [add]
05. My Flash on You [add]
06. Bag I'm In [add]
07. You Burn Me Up and Down [add]

Lysergic Emanations (1984) 01. Gotta Get Some [add]
02. Journey to Tyme [add]
03. Ward 81 [add]
04. Strychnine [add]
05. Radar Eyes [add]
06. Cinderella [add]
07. Highway 69 [add]
08. Just Once [add]
09. She's Wicked [add]
10. As Time's Gone [add]
11. Living Sickness [add]
12. Bad News Travels Fast [add]
13. She's Wicked [add]
14. Epitaph for a Head [add]
15. Cinderella [add]
16. Green Slime [add]

Live in Europe (1987) 01. Bad Little Woman [add]
02. Blues' Theme [add]
03. Cellar Dwellar [add]
04. Love at a Psychedelic Velocity [add]
05. 1523 Blair [add]
06. Run Chicken Run [add]
07. 13 Women [add]
08. 7 and 7 Is [add]
09. Gotta Get Some [add]
10. Journey to Tyme [add]
11. Human Fly [add]
12. Psychotic Reaction [add]
13. I'm Loose [add]
14. Living Sickness [add]
15. My Flash on You [add]
16. You Burn Me Up and Down [add]
17. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]

In Heat (1989) 01. In Heat [add]
02. Nine Months Later lyrics
03. Cheyenne Rider [add]
04. Everything You Got [add]
05. Black Box [add]
06. Shame on You [add]
07. It Came in the Mail [add]
08. Me Tarzan, You Jane [add]
09. Heathen Set [add]
10. Hurt on Hold [add]
11. What You Don't Know [add]
12. Charlotte's Remains [add]

Teen Trash, Vol. 4: From Los Angeles, CA (1993) 01. Nine Months Later lyrics
02. Girl, You Captivate Me [add]
03. Cheyenne Rider [add]
04. Greatest Lover in the World [add]
05. I Can't Control Myself [add]
06. You Must Be a Witch [add]
07. Jack the Ripper [add]
08. Action Speaks Louder Than Words [add]
09. I Never Know [add]
10. Yeah Babe [add]
11. My Nothing [add]
12. Romilar D [version] [add]

Lysergic Ejaculations, Live in Europe 1991 (1994) 01. Intro [add]
02. In Heat [add]
03. I Never Knew [add]
04. Try It [add]
05. My Little Red Book [add]
06. Be a Caveman [add]
07. Look for the Question Mark [add]
08. It Came in the Mail [add]
09. Romilar D [add]
10. Rari [add]
11. Shape of Things to Come [add]
12. All the King's Horses [add]
13. Love at a Psychedelic Velocity [add]
14. Epitaph for a Head [add]
15. Have Love, Will Travel [add]
16. 99Th Floor [add]
17. She's Wicked [add]
18. Boss Hoss [add]
19. Psychotic Reaction [add]

Monster A-Go-Go (1994) 01. Jack the Ripper [add]
02. All Black and Hairy [add]
03. Charlotte's Remains [add]
04. Dinner With Drac [add]
05. Night of the Phantom [add]
06. The Witch [add]
07. Happy Halloween [add]
08. D.O.A. [add]
09. Cellar Dweller [add]
10. I'm the Wolfman [add]
11. She's My Witch [add]
12. Goin' to a Graveyard [add]
13. Night of the Vampire [add]
14. Horror Asparagus Stories [add]

Salt for Zombies (2004) 01. My Brother the Man [add]
02. Get Naked [add]
03. Face of Time [add]
04. Be Forewarned [add]
05. Johnson in a Headlock [add]
06. This Sinister Urge [add]
07. Black Lightning Light [add]
08. Idol Chatter [add]
09. Hallucination Generation [add]
10. A Wristwatch Band [add]
11. Group Grope [add]
12. Don't Blow Your Mind [add]
13. What Ever Happened to Baby Jesus? [add]

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