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The Barracudas lyrics
Genre: Rock
Again Live in '93 (0000) 01. Wait for Everything [add]
02. Next Time Around [add]
03. Codeine [add]
04. Throwing It All Away [add]
05. She's Alive [add]
06. Dealing With Today [add]
07. Surfer Joe [add]
08. Violent Times [add]
09. Outside My Door [add]
10. Grammar of Misery [add]
11. Eleventh Hour [add]
12. Hear Me Calling [add]
13. 1965 Again [add]
14. Slow Death [add]

Drop Out (1981) 01. I Can't Pretend [add]
02. Violent Times [add]
03. Don't Let Go [add]
04. Codeine [add]
05. This Ain't My Time [add]
06. I Saw My Death in a Dream Last Night [add]
07. Somewhere Outside [add]
08. Summer Fun [add]
09. His Last Summer [add]
10. Surfers Are Back [add]
11. Somebody [add]
12. Campus Tramp [add]
13. On the Strip [add]
14. California Lament [add]
15. I Wish It Could Be 1965 Again [add]
16. Summer Fun [demo version] [add]
17. Chevy Babe [Babe] [add]
18. You Were on My Mind [demo version] [add]
19. Violent Times [demo version] [add]
20. Surfer Joe [demo version] [add]

Live 83 (1983) 01. Inside Mind [add]
02. You've Come a Long Way [add]
03. Violent Times [add]
04. Codeine [add]
05. Fortunate Son [add]
06. Middle Class Blues [add]
07. Hour of Degradation [add]
08. Seven T Seven Is [add]
09. Miracle Worker [add]
10. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]

Mean Time (1983) 01. Grammar of Misery [add]
02. Bad News [add]
03. I Ain't No Miracle Worker [add]
04. Be My Friend Again [add]
05. Shades of Today [add]
06. Dead Skin [add]
07. Middle Class Blues [add]
08. You've Come a Long Way [add]
09. Ballad of a Liar [add]
10. When I'm Gone [add]
11. Eleventh Hour [add]
12. Hear Me Calling [add]

Endeavour to Persevere (1984) 01. Dealing With Today [add]
02. Leaving Home Again [add]
03. Song for Lorraine [add]
04. World Turned Upside Down [add]
05. See Her Eyes Again [add]
06. Black Snake [add]
07. The Way We've Changed [add]
08. She Knows [add]
09. Man With Money [add]
10. Pieces Broken [add]
11. Losin' Steak [add]
12. Corrine [add]
13. Barracuda [add]

The Barracudas (2005) 01. Poor White Trash [add]
02. What You Want Is What You Get [add]
03. I Believe in Everything [add]
04. The Price You Pay [add]
05. Something New [add]
06. Always on My Mind [add]
07. Don't Ever Say It Can't Be So [add]
08. Not That Kind [add]
09. A Little Imagination [add]
10. I Wish There Was a Time [add]
11. The Mirror [add]
12. Take a Walk [add]
13. Shipwrecked! [add]
14. Don't Let That Feeling Go [add]
15. Poor White Trash [Pee Wee Full Version] [add]

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