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The Templars lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Horns of Hattin (2001) 01. Video Age [add]
02. H Street [add]
03. Shift the Blame [add]
04. Nowhere to Play [add]
05. Consequences [add]
06. Enemies [add]
07. Breakdown [add]
08. Lies [add]
09. Demagogue [add]
10. Ockham's Razor [add]

Omne Datum E (2001) 01. You Decide [add]
02. Boredom [add]
03. Guardian Angel [add]
04. The Templars [add]
05. The Waiting Is Over [add]
06. They Dont Care [add]
07. Coward [add]
08. Straight to Hell [add]
09. These Four Walls [add]
10. Victim [add]
11. My Saving Grace [add]

Phase Two (2002) 01. Inro [add]
02. Pawns in the Game [add]
03. City Traffic [add]
04. Kids of Today [add]
05. You're Here [add]
06. Eastern Europe [add]
07. Freedom Has Its Price [add]
08. Their Plan [add]
09. Worth My While [add]
10. Make Your Mark [add]
11. I Still Remember [add]
12. Waiting for the Blood to Flow [add]
13. Push and Shove [add]
14. Don't Do Anything at All [add]
15. Land of the Free [add]

Return of Jaques de Molay (2002) 01. The Templars [add]
02. The Sixties Are Over [add]
03. New York [add]
04. I Believe in Myself [add]
05. Stand Up... Speak Out [add]
06. Those Who Build This Country [add]
07. Sirens [add]
08. Skinheads Rule OK [add]
09. Pride [add]
10. The City [add]
11. Our Generation [add]
12. The Waiting Is Over [add]
13. This Is Not the First Song [add]

Outremer (2005) 01. Frontline [add]
02. Lost and Found [add]
03. On the Edge [add]
04. Situation Critical [add]
05. True to the Cause [add]
06. Own Free Will [add]
07. A Friend [add]
08. Alone in a Crowd [add]
09. Forever Young [add]
10. Anonymous [add]
11. On My Own [add]

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