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Oi Polloi lyrics
Genre: Rock
Total Anarchoi (2000) 01. Nuclear Waste lyrics
02. Boot Down the Door [add]
03. Pigs for Slaughter [add]
04. Scum lyrics
05. Thrown on the Scrapheap [add]
06. Punx Picnic [add]
07. Mindless Few lyrics
08. Unite and Win [add]
09. Omnicide [live] [add]
10. Americans Out [live] [add]
11. Pigs for Slaughter [live] [add]
12. Thugs in Uniform [live] [add]
13. Nazi Scum [live] [add]
14. Nuclear Waste [live] [add]
15. Free the Henge [live] [add]
16. Punx Picnic [live] [add]
17. State Violence, State Control [live] [add]
18. If the Kids Are United [live] [add]

In Defense of Our Earth (2000) 01. Thine Green Line [add]
02. 23 Hours [add]
03. When Two Men Kiss lyrics
04. Whale Song lyrics
05. What Have We Done lyrics
06. Victims of a Chemical Spillage [add]
07. Anarcho Pie [add]
08. Clachan Chalanais lyrics
09. Free the Henge [add]
10. Nazi Scum lyrics
11. World Park Antarctica lyrics
12. Dealer in Death [add]
13. Omnicide lyrics
14. Victims of a Gas Attack [add]
15. Die for BP (Time to Stop THR War) [add]

Unite and Win (2001) 01. Punks 'N' Skins [add]
02. We Don't Need Them lyrics
03. **** the Bill [add]
04. Lowest of the Low [add]
05. Nuclear Waste lyrics
06. Commies and Nazis [add]
07. Pigs for Slaughter [add]
08. Scum lyrics
09. Thrown on the Scraphead [add]
10. Punx Picnic in Prince's Street Gardens [add]
11. Mindless Few lyrics
12. Unite and Win [add]
13. Minority Authority [add]
14. Skinhead [add]
15. Boot Down the Door [add]
16. Americans Out [add]
17. Thugs in Uniform [add]
18. Pigs for Slaughter [add]
19. Rich Scumbag [add]
20. Never Give In [add]

Outraged (2002) 01. Resist the Atomic Menace lyrics
02. Death by Night [add]
03. Outrage [add]
04. Thugs in Uniform [add]
05. Leaders [add]
06. Minority Authority [add]
07. Go Freen [add]
08. Scum lyrics
09. They Shoot Children [add]
10. The Only Release [add]
11. Foundations for a Future [add]
12. No Filthy Nuclear Power [add]

Alive and Kicking (2003) 01. Americans Out [add]
02. Free the Henge [add]
03. Hunt the Rich lyrics
04. Nuclear Waste lyrics
05. When Two Men Kiss lyrics
06. Kill the Bill [add]
07. The Only Release [add]
08. Let the Boots Do the Talking [add]
09. Victim of a Gas Attack [add]
10. THC lyrics
11. Don't Burn the Witch lyrics
12. Willie McRae lyrics
13. They Shoot Children Don't They? [add]
14. Boot Down the Door [add]
15. Guilty lyrics
16. George Bush Fuck You [add]
17. The Right to Choose [add]
18. Nazi Scum lyrics
19. Punx Picnic [add]

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