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Jonathan Richman lyrics
Genre: Rock
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers (1977) 01. Rockin' Shopping Center [add]
02. Back in the U.S.A. [add]
03. Important in Your Life [add]
04. New England [add]
05. Lonely Financial Zone [add]
06. Hi Dear [add]
07. Abominable Snowman in the Market [add]
08. Hey There Little Insect [add]
09. Here Come the Martian Martians [add]
10. Springtime [add]
11. Amazing Grace [add]

Rock 'N' Roll with the Modern Lovers (1977) 01. Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Feng) [add]
02. Ice Cream Man [add]
03. Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns [add]
04. Summer Morning [add]
05. Afternoon [add]
06. Fly into the Mystery [add]
07. South American Folk Song [add]
08. Roller Coaster by the Sea [add]
09. Dodge Veg-O-Matic [add]
10. Egyptian Reggae [add]
11. Coomyah [add]
12. Wheels on the Bus [add]
13. Angels Watching over Me [add]

Back in Your Life (1979) 01. Abdul and Cleopatra [add]
02. (She's Gonna) Respect Me [add]
03. Lover Please [add]
04. Affection [add]
05. Buzz Buzz Buzz [add]
06. Back in Your Life [add]
07. Party in the Woods Tonight [add]
08. My Love Is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom) [add]
09. I'm Nature's Mosquito [add]
10. Emaline [add]
11. Lydia [add]
12. I Hear You Calling Me [add]

Jonathan Sings (1983) 01. That Summer Feeling [add]
02. This Kind of Music [add]
03. The Neighbors [add]
04. Somebody to Hold Me [add]
05. Those Conga Drums [add]
06. Stop This Car [add]
07. Not Yet Three [add]
08. Give Paris One More Chance [add]
09. You're the One for Me [add]
10. When I'm Walking [add]
11. The Tag Game [*] [add]

Modern Lovers 88 (1988) 01. Dancin' Late at Night [add]
02. When Harpo Played His Harp [add]
03. Gail Loves Me [add]
04. New Kind of Neighborhood [add]
05. African Lady [add]
06. I Love Hot Nights [add]
07. California Desert Party [add]
08. Everything's Gotta Be Right [add]
09. Circle I [add]
10. I Have Come Out to Play [add]
11. The Theme from Moulin Rouge [add]

Jonathan Richman (1989) 01. Malague?a de Jojo [add]
02. Action Packed [add]
03. Everyday Clothes [add]
04. Fender Stratocaster [add]
05. Blue Moon [add]
06. Closer [add]
07. I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet [add]
08. Miracles Will Start to Happen [add]
09. Sleepwalk [add]
10. Que Reste-T-Il de Nos Amours? [add]
11. A Mistake Today for Me [add]
12. Cerca [add]

Jonathan Goes Country (1990) 01. Since She Started to Ride [add]
02. Reno [add]
03. You're the One for Me [add]
04. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad [add]
05. I Must Be King [add]
06. You're Crazy for Taking the Bus [add]
07. Rodeo Wind [add]
08. Corner Store [add]
09. The Neighbors [add]
10. Man Walks Among Us [add]
11. I Can't Stay Mad at You [add]
12. Satisfied Mind [add]

Having a Party with Jonathan Richman (1991) 01. The Girl Stands up to Me Now [add]
02. Cappuccino Bar [add]
03. My Career as a Homewrecker [add]
04. She Doesn't Laugh at My Jokes [add]
05. When She Kisses Me [add]
06. They're Not Tryin' on the Dance Floor [add]
07. At Night [add]
08. When I Say Wife [add]
09. 1963 [add]
10. Monologue About Bermuda [add]
11. Our Swingin' Pad [add]
12. Just for Fun [add]

I, Jonathan (1992) 01. Parties in the U.S.A. [add]
02. Tandem Jump [add]
03. You Can't Talk to the Dude [add]
04. Velvet Underground [add]
05. I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar [add]
06. Rooming House on Venice Beach [add]
07. That Summer Feeling [add]
08. Grunion Run [add]
09. A Higher Power [add]
10. Twilight in Boston [add]

Jonathan, Te Vas a Emocionar! (1994) 01. Pantomima de "El Amor Brujo" [instrumental] [add]
02. Harpo en Su Harpa [add]
03. No Te Oye [add]
04. No M?s Por Fun [add]
05. Papel de Chicle [add]
06. Los Vecinos [add]
07. Compadrito Coraz?n [add]
08. Melod?a Tradicional Ecuadoriana [add]
09. Shirin y Farad [add]
10. Reno [add]
11. Cerca [add]
12. El U.F.O. Man [add]
13. Ahora Es Mejor [add]
14. Sabor a Mi [add]
15. Una Fuerza All? [add]

You Must Ask the Heart (1995) 01. To Hide a Little Thought [add]
02. The Heart of Saturday Night [add]
03. Vampire Girl [add]
04. Just Because I'm Irish [add]
05. That's How I Feel [add]
06. Let Her Go into the Darkness [add]
07. The Rose [add]
08. You Must Ask the Heart [add]
09. Nothing Can Change This Love [add]
10. Amorcito Coraz?n [add]
11. City Vs. Country [add]
12. Walter Johnson [add]
13. Nishi [add]

Surrender to Jonathan (1996) 01. Just Look at Me [add]
02. Not Just a "Plus One" on the Guest List Anymore [add]
03. That Little Sleeper Car [add]
04. French Style [add]
05. Surrender [add]
06. I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar [add]
07. To Hide a Little Thought [add]
08. Egyptian Reggae [add]
09. When She Kisses Me [add]
10. Satisfy [add]
11. Rock & Roll Drummer Straight from the Hospy-Tel [add]
12. My Little Girl's Got a Full Time Daddy Now [add]
13. Floatin' [add]

I'm So Confused (1998) 01. When I Dance [add]
02. Nineteen in Naples [add]
03. I'm So Confused lyrics
04. True Love Is Not Nice lyrics
05. Love Me Like I Love [add]
06. Hello from Cupid [add]
07. If She Don't Love Me [add]
08. The Lonely Little Thrift Store [add]
09. Affection [add]
10. I Can Hear Her Fighting with Herself [add]
11. The Night Is Still Young [add]
12. I Can't Find My Best Friend [add]

Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow (2001) 01. Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eyeshadow [add]
02. Springtime in New York [add]
03. Me and Her Got a Good Thing Goin' Baby [add]
04. Couples Must Fight [add]
05. I Took a Chance on Her [add]
06. Maybe a Walk Home from Natick High School [add]
07. Give Paris One More Chance [add]
08. My Love for Her Ain't Sad [add]
09. Leaves on the Sidewalk After the Rain [add]
10. Tonight [add]
11. Yo Tengo una Novia [add]
12. El Joven Se Estremece [add]
13. Con el Merengue [add]
14. Vampiresa Mujer (Vampire Girl) [add]

Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love (2004) 01. Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love [add]
02. Sunday Afternoon [add]
03. Vincent Van Gogh [add]
04. Cosi Veloce [add]
05. He Gave Us the Wine to Taste [add]
06. Salvador Dali [add]
07. My Baby Love Love Loves Me [add]
08. In Che Mondo Viviamo [add]
09. Behold the Lilies of the Field [add]
10. Les Etoiles [add]
11. The World Is Showing Its Hand [add]
12. Abu Jamal [add]
13. On a du Soleil [add]

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