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The Pirates lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hard Ride (0000) 01. Lady (Put the Light on Me) [add]
02. Going Back Home [add]
03. Hey Mary [add]
04. 1:30, 2:30 [add]
05. Hard Ride [add]
06. You Can't Sit Down [add]
07. Golden Oldies [add]
08. Alarmer [add]
09. Lemonade [add]
10. Happy Birthday Rock & Roll [add]

Home and Away: Live in the '90's (0199) 01. I Can Tell [add]
02. Lindy Lou [add]
03. Don't Munchen It [add]
04. Do the Dog [add]
05. Friends for Life [add]
06. Shakin' All Over [add]
07. All in Together [add]
08. Jezebel [add]
09. Good Drink, Bad Woman [add]
10. Talking About You [add]
11. Lost and Found [add]

Out of Their Skulls (1977) 01. Please Don't Touch [add]
02. I Can Tell [add]
03. Peter Gunn [add]
04. Lonesome Train [add]
05. Shakin' All Over [add]
06. Milk Cow Blues [add]
07. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee [add]
08. Do the Dog [add]
09. Gibson Martin Fender [add]
10. Don't Munchen It [add]
11. That's the Way You Are [add]
12. You Don't Own Me [add]

Skull Wars (1978) 01. Long Journey Home [add]
02. Voodoo [add]
03. All in It Together [add]
04. Johnny B. Goode's Good [add]
05. Johnny B. Goode [live] [add]
06. I'm Talking About You [live] [add]
07. Shakin' All Over [add]
08. Satruday Night Shoot Out [add]
09. Honey Hush [live] [add]
10. Diggin' My Potatoes [add]
11. Four to the Bar [add]
12. Shake Hands With the Devil [add]

Land of the Blind (1999) 01. Underground [add]
02. Wood in Your Fire [add]
03. Shattered Glass [add]
04. Let's Eat [add]
05. Danger Zone [add]
06. Land of the Blind [add]
07. Wondrous Place [add]
08. Maybe [add]
09. Lover and Fighter [add]
10. Fortune Teller [add]
11. My Old Radio [add]
12. Sex on Legs [add]

Don't Munchen It: Live in Europe 1978 (2000) 01. Please Don't Touch [add]
02. Lindy Lou [add]
03. Sweet Love on My Mind [add]
04. I'm in Love Again [add]
05. I Can Tell [add]
06. Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee [add]
07. Four to the Bar [add]
08. You Don't Owe Me [add]
09. Honey Hush [add]
10. Peter Gunn [add]
11. Gibson Martin Fender [add]
12. Don't Munchen It [add]
13. Going Back Home [add]
14. Voodooo [add]
15. Johnny B. Goode's Good [add]
16. That's the Way You Are [add]
17. Shakin' All Over [add]
18. Talkin' 'Bout You [add]
19. Milk Cow Blues [add]
20. Tear It Up [add]
21. Lonesome Train [add]
22. All in It Together [add]
23. Johnny B. Goode [add]

Still Shakin' (2000) 01. Ain't Got No Money [add]
02. Goin' Back Home [add]
03. Money Honey [add]
04. I Can Tell [add]
05. Honey Hush [add]
06. All by Myself [add]
07. Milk Cow Blues [add]
08. Lonesome Train [add]
09. Shakin' All Over [add]
10. Don't Munchen It [add]
11. Lights Out [add]
12. Let It Rock [add]

From Calypso to Colypso (2002) 01. Jezebel [add]
02. Good Drink, Bad Woman [add]
03. Armageddon [add]
04. Burning Rubber [add]
05. Turn Up the Heat [add]
06. Lost and Found [add]
07. Slow Down [add]
08. Don't Munchen It [add]
09. Down to the Bone [add]
10. Friends for Life [add]

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