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Genre: Comedy
Here's Your Sign (1996) 01. Introduction [add]
02. I Love Golf [add]
03. Going to the Fair [add]
04. We've Got a Full House [add]
05. Here's Your Sign [add]
06. Nobody Disciplines Their Kids Anymore [add]
07. Things Have Changed [add]
08. Caught Big Time [add]
09. I.G. Joe [add]
10. Baby Barf and the Turkey Hunt [add]
11. Tell Me What I'm Thinking [add]
12. Love Magic [add]

Dorkfish [live] (1998) 01. Factory Outlet Malls [add]
02. Flying [add]
03. Smokers [add]
04. Weather and News [add]
05. Bungee Jumping and Parachuting [add]
06. My Daughter's Growing Up [add]
07. T-Ball and Indian Guides [add]
08. Minivan [add]
09. Discovery Channel [add]
10. Dorkfish [add]
11. Whale Watching [add]
12. Broke Food [add]
13. More Here's Your Sign [add]
14. Bronc Busting [add]
15. Deer-Hunting [add]
16. I'm a Cowboy [add]
17. Here's Your Sign Christmas [add]

Here's Your Christmas Album (1999) 01. Introduction [add]
02. I'm Getting Sued by Santa Claus [add]
03. Christmas in the Country Holiday [add]
04. Rudolph Got a Dui [add]
05. The Christmas Sign [add]
06. A Gift That She Don't Want [add]
07. Gift Emergency [add]
08. Fruitcake Makes Me Puke [add]
09. That's What's Wrong With Christmas [add]
10. Here's Your Sign Christmas [add]
11. The Bike [add]
12. Fruitcake Makes Me Puke [Rock Version] [add]

Now That's Awesome (2000) 01. Introduction [add]
02. The 90's [add]
03. Bar Scene in California [add]
04. Now That's Awesome [Comedy Bit] [add]
05. The Dog Had to Be Trained [add]
06. Pound Puppies [add]
07. Smoker Aquarium [add]
08. Pads [add]
09. When Did Shrapnel Become a Fashion Accessory [add]
10. Too Much Information (Cause I'm the Dad) [add]
11. White Trash Road Race [add]
12. A Snake in the Toilet [add]
13. Surfing Lesson [add]
14. People Amaze Me (Here's Your Sign) [add]
15. Now That's Awesome [add]
16. Shoulda Shut Up [add]

Here's Your Sign Reloaded (2003) 01. Introduction [add]
02. I've Been Married for Twenty Years [add]
03. The Differences in Years [add]
04. Getting Old Sucks [add]
05. In Vitro [add]
06. Boys Have No Discretion [add]
07. Jolly Roger Party Boat [add]
08. Here's Your Sign [add]
09. Here's Your Sign (Don't Mess With Us) [add]
10. Married for Twenty Years [add]
11. Here's Your Sign (Wear It All the Time) [add]
12. Here's Your Sign Christmas [add]

A Decade of Laughs (2004) 01. Factory Outlet Malls [add]
02. Flying [add]
03. Bungee Jumping and Parachuting [add]
04. Grading Your Biological Output [add]
05. "Nice" Stops at Midnight [add]
06. Old Fashioned [add]
07. When Did Shrapnel Become a Fashion Accessory? [add]
08. Cigarettes Equal Pain [add]
09. After Twenty Years of Marriage [add]
10. The Differences in Years [add]
11. Dorkfish [add]
12. Nobody Disciplines Their Kids Anymore [add]
13. I.G. Joe [add]
14. In Vitro [add]
15. Tell Me What I'm Thinking [add]
16. Going to the Fair [add]
17. Here's Your Sign [add]
18. Here's Your Sign Reloaded [add]
19. Hollywood Indian Guides [Musical Track] [add]
20. Here's Your Sign (Get the Picture) [Musical Track] [add]
21. Warning Signs [Musical Track] [add]
22. It's Hard to Be a Parent [Musical Track] [add]

15° Off Cool (2007) 01. Argue Naked [add]
02. Slim Jims [add]
03. Free Range Chicken [add]
04. Ionic Breeze [add]
05. Getting Older [add]
06. Part of Your Package [add]
07. Wives and NASCAR [add]
08. Bad Weiner Day [add]
09. Hurting Gas [add]
10. 15° Off Cool [add]
11. Fantasy Camp [add]
12. Thunderbirds [add]

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