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Eyeless in Gaza lyrics
Genre: Rock
Caught in Flux (1981) 01. Sixth Sense [add]
02. Point You [add]
03. Voice From the Tracks [add]
04. Scale Amiss [add]
05. The Decoration [add]
06. Continual [add]
07. Soul on the Thin Ice [add]
08. Rose Petal Knot [add]
09. Skeletal Framework [add]
10. See Red [add]
11. Half-Light [add]
12. Every Which Way [add]
13. The Eyes of Beautiful Losers [add]
14. Still Air [add]
15. Out From the Day-To-Day [add]
16. True Colour [add]
17. Keynote Inertia [add]

Photographs As Memories (1981) 01. Seven Years [add]
02. Fixation [add]
03. Looking Daggers [add]
04. From A to B [add]
05. Clear Cut Apparently [add]
06. Speech Rapid Fire [add]
07. John of Patmos [add]
08. Knives Replace Air [add]
09. Faceless [add]
10. In Your Painting [add]
11. A Keepsake [add]
12. Whitewash [add]
13. No Noise [add]
14. Invisibility [add]
15. Three Kittens [add]
16. Plague of Years [add]
17. Others [add]
18. Jane, Dancing [add]
19. Ever Present [add]
20. Avenue With Trees [add]

Drumming the Beating Heart (1982) 01. Transience Blues [add]
02. Ill Wind Blows [add]
03. One by One [add]
04. Picture the Day [add]
05. Dreaming at Rain [add]
06. Two [add]
07. Veil Like Calm [add]
08. Throw a Shadow [add]
09. Pencil Sketch [add]
10. At Arm's Length [add]
11. Lights of April [add]
12. Before You Go [add]

Rust Red September (1983) 01. Changing Stations [add]
02. Pearl and Pale [add]
03. New Risen [add]
04. September Hills [add]
05. Taking Steps [add]
06. Only Whispers [add]
07. Leaves Are Dancing [add]
08. No Perfect Stranger [add]
09. Corner of Dusk [add]
10. Bright Play of Eyes [add]
11. Stealing Autumn [add]
12. To Steven [add]
13. Sun-Like-Gold [add]
14. To Elizabeth S. [add]
15. Lilt of Music [add]
16. Inky Blue Sky [add]
17. Tell [add]

Back from the Rains (1986) 01. Between These Dreams [add]
02. Twilight [add]
03. Back from the Rains [add]
04. Lie Still, Sleep Long [add]
05. Catch Me [add]
06. Evning Music [add]
07. She Moves Thru the Fair [add]
08. Sweet Life Longer [add]
09. New Love Here [add]
10. Welcome Now [add]
11. Your Rich Sky [add]
12. Flight of Swallows [add]
13. My Last, Lost Melody [add]
14. New Risen [add]
15. Bright Play of Eyes [add]
16. Scent on Evening Air [add]
17. Drumming the Beating Heart [add]

Streets I Ran (1995) 01. Streets I Ran [add]
02. Songs of Living Sons [add]
03. History Book [add]
04. Up the Walls of Song [add]
05. Twilight Walking [add]

All Under Leaves Leaves of Life (1996) 01. Monstrous Joy [add]
02. Marionette [add]
03. Struck Like Jacob Marley [add]
04. Morning [add]
05. Fracture Track [add]
06. The Leaves of Life/Seven Virgins [add]
07. Answer Song and Dance [add]
08. Passing and Distant View [add]
09. Damning Yourself Broken [add]
10. Three Ships [add]
11. As Was [add]

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