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Danielle Dax lyrics
Genre: Rock
Pop-Eyes (1983) 01. Bed Caves [add]
02. Everyone Squeaks Gently [add]
03. The Wheeled Wagon [add]
04. The Stone Guest [add]
05. Here Come the Harvest Buns [add]
06. The Shamemen [add]
07. Kernow [add]
08. Numb Companions [add]
09. Tower of Lies [add]
10. Cutting the Last Sheaf [add]

Jesus Egg That Wept (1984) 01. Evil Honky Stomp lyrics
02. Pariah lyrics
03. Fortune Cheats [add]
04. Hammerheads [add]
05. Ostrich [add]
06. The Spoil Factor [add]

Inky Bloaters (1987) 01. Flashback [add]
02. Funtime [add]
03. Inky Bloaters [add]
04. Sleep Has No Property [add]
05. Bad Miss 'M' [add]
06. Big Hollow Man lyrics
07. Brimstone in a Barren Land [add]
08. Where the Flies Are [add]
09. Born to Be Bad [add]
10. Fizzing Human Bomb [add]
11. Yummer Yummer Man [add]

Dark Adapted Eye (1988) 01. Cat-House [add]
02. Big Hollow Man lyrics
03. White Knuckle Ride [add]
04. When I Was Young [add]
05. Yummer Yummer Man [add]
06. Fizzing Human Bomb [add]
07. Whistling for His Love [add]
08. Flashback [add]
09. Inky Bloaters [add]
10. Brimstone in a Barren Land [add]
11. Bad Miss 'M' [add]
12. Touch Piggy's Eyes [add]
13. House-Cat [add]
14. Bed Caves [add]
15. Sleep Has No Property [add]
16. Hammerheads [add]
17. Pariah lyrics
18. Where the Flies Are [add]
19. Funtime [add]

Big Blue '82' (1990) 01. Big Blue '82' [Single Edit] [add]
02. Big Blue '82' [Zen Extended Mix] [add]
03. Jehovah's Precious Stone [Razormaid Mix] [add]
04. Big Blue '82' [Album Version] [add]
05. Jehovah's Precious Stone [KSDS Mix] [add]

Blast the Human Flower (1990) 01. The Id Parade [add]
02. Tomorrow Never Knows [add]
03. Big Blue '82' [add]
04. Bayou [add]
05. King Crack [add]
06. Daisy [add]
07. Dead Man's Chill [add]
08. The Living and Their Stillborn [add]
09. Jehovah's Precious Stone [add]
10. 16 Candles [add]

Comatose Non Reaction: The Thwarted Pop Career (1995) 01. Yummer Yummer Man [add]
02. Bad Miss 'M' [add]
03. Fizzing Human Bomb [add]
04. Where the Flies Are [add]
05. Up in Arms [add]
06. When I Was Young [add]
07. Big Hollow Man [Single Mix] [add]
08. Muzzles [add]
09. The Passing of the Thrid Floor Back [add]
10. Music from the Film 'Axel' [add]
11. Olamal [US Mix] [add]
12. Whistling for His Love [US Mix] [add]
13. Cathouse [add]
14. Touch Piggy's Eyes [Single Mix] [add]
15. House Cat [add]
16. White Knuckle Ride [add]
17. Cold Sweat [add]
18. Hate on Sight [add]
19. Defiled [Previously Unavailable] [add]
20. Blight [Previously Unavailable] [add]
21. Mongatron [#] [add]

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