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Genre: Rock
My Life on the Plain (1989) 01. Nobody's Gonna Love You [add]
02. Robert Ford on the Stage [add]
03. Take Me for a Ride [add]
04. I'll Set the Scene [add]
05. In a Misty Morning [add]
06. Girl in the Moon [add]
07. Brass Buttons [add]
08. I Can't Want You [add]
09. Dolphins [add]
10. The Streets of Laredo [add]
11. Listen to Her Lovers Sing [add]
12. A Deal Made for Somebody Else [add]
13. World Full of Daughters [add]
14. The Greatest Show in Town [add]

You Wanna Be There But You Don't Wanna Travel (1994) 01. I'm Gonna Release Your Soul [add]
02. There Was a Time [add]
03. You Wanna Be Loved [add]
04. Warren Oates lyrics
05. Soul into Time [add]
06. Won't You Ride with Me [add]
07. A New Life in a New Town [add]
08. Livin' Out Your Tomorrow (Hard Against Yesterday) [add]
09. Imagine If What You Did on Your Weekend Was Your Life [add]
10. You Wanna Be There But You Don't Wanna Travel [add]
11. Let Me Tell You About Yourself [add]
12. The World Is Nah [add]
13. The Stars, Baby, the Stars [add]
14. We Didn't Have the Words to Say It (We Didn't Have the Words to ...) [add]

I Was the Hunter (1996) 01. $1,000,000 in a Red Velvet Suit [add]
02. You Could Be Mine [add]
03. I Got Myself a Beautiful Nightmare [add]
04. Same Place Another Time [add]
05. A Love That Blinds a Love [add]
06. Somebody Tryin' to Hold You Now [add]
07. I Was the Hunter and I Was the Prey [add]
08. I Caught My Heel in a Crack of Time [add]
09. We Were Goin' Faster [add]
10. Everybody Does What They Want To [add]
11. I Belong to You [add]
12. Everything Flies Away [add]
13. Codine [add]
14. Jack of Diamonds [add]

Night of the Wolverine (1996) 01. You're Just Too Hip, Baby [add]
02. Mogambo [add]
03. Night of the Wolverine, Pt. 1 [add]
04. I'm Just Having One of Those Lives [add]
05. I Held the Cool Breeze [add]
06. I Remember You (You're the Girl I Love) [add]
07. Three Dead Passengers in a Stolen Secondhand Ford [add]
08. That's the Way It's Gonna Be [add]
09. Maggie Cassidy [add]
10. You Need to Suffer [add]
11. Night of the Wolverine, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Out There in the Night of Time [add]

The Soft 'n' Sexy Sound (1996) 01. The Birds and the Goats [add]
02. I'm Gonna Live in My Own Big World [add]
03. Apollo 69 [add]
04. I'm Not Afraid to Be Heavy [add]
05. Deep Inside a Song [add]
06. The Pre-Revolutionary Scene [add]
07. Rock & Roll Is Where I Hide [add]
08. Salty Girls [add]
09. Outward Bound [add]
10. Scorched Earth Love Affair [add]
11. Morrison Floorshow [add]
12. Dandies Are Never Unbuttoned [add]

The Devil Drives (1997) 01. The Oblivion Seekers [add]
02. My Only Regret (I Opened My Mouth) [add]
03. I Don't Know You Exist [add]
04. Rackin' up Some Zeds [add]
05. Everybody Loves a Mass Killer [add]
06. I Dig the Pioneers [add]
07. The Sheriff of Hell [add]
08. Pianola Roll [add]
09. Land of the Giants [add]
10. I Love Your Gravity [add]
11. Biker in Business Class [add]
12. A Man on the Make [add]
13. Pascal et Caroline [add]
14. The Devil Drives [add]
15. Feelin' Kinda Sporty [add]

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) 01. The Stuff That Night Is Made Of [add]
02. Death by a Thousand Sucks [add]
03. Don't Be True [add]
04. Street Dreams [add]
05. Drugs Are Wasted on the Young [add]
06. Vengeance Is on It's Way (Don't Worry) [add]
07. Out of the Loop [add]
08. Have You Heard About the Melbourne Mafia? [add]
09. I Need Some Scratch [add]
10. Mind Full of Leather [add]
11. You're on Your Own, Now [add]
12. Outing the Suits [add]
13. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [add]

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