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The Specials lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Specials (1979) 01. A Message to You Rudy [add]
02. Do the Dog [add]
03. It's Up to You [add]
04. Nite Klub [add]
05. Doesn't Make It Alright [add]
06. Concrete Jungle [add]
07. Too Hot [add]
08. Monkey Man [add]
09. (Dawning of A) New Era [add]
10. Blank Expression [add]
11. Stupid Marriage [add]
12. Too Much Too Young [add]
13. Gangsters [add]
14. Little Bitch [add]
15. You're Wondering Now [add]

Live: Too Much Too Young (1979) 01. Gangsters [add]
02. Do the Dog [add]
03. It's Up to You [add]
04. Monkey Man [add]
05. Blank Expression [add]
06. Stupid Marriage [add]
07. Doesn't Make It Alright [add]
08. Concrete Jungle [add]
09. Too Hot [add]
10. Nite Klub [add]
11. Too Much Too Young [add]
12. Little Bitch [add]
13. Skinhead Moonstomp [add]
14. Long Shot Kick de Bucket [add]
15. You're Wondering Now [add]

More Specials (1980) 01. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) [add]
02. Rat Race [add]
03. Man at C & A [add]
04. Hey, Little Rich Girl [add]
05. Do Nothing [add]
06. Pearl's Cafe [add]
07. Sock It to 'Em J.B. [add]
08. Stereotypes/Stereotypes, Pt. 2 [add]
09. Holiday Fortnight [add]
10. I Can't Stand It [add]
11. International Jet Set [add]
12. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) (Reprise) [add]

In the Studio (1984) 01. Bright Lights [add]
02. The Lonely Crowd [add]
03. What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend [add]
04. Housebound [add]
05. Nite on the Tiles [add]
06. Nelson Mandela [add]
07. War Crimes [add]
08. Racist Friend [add]
09. Alcohol [add]
10. Break Down the Door [add]

Today's Specials (1996) 01. Take Five [add]
02. Pressure Drop [add]
03. Hypocrite [add]
04. Goodbye Girl [add]
05. A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You [add]
06. Time Has Come [add]
07. Dirty Old Town [add]
08. Somebody Got Murdered [add]
09. 007 (Shanty Town) [add]
10. Simmer Down [add]
11. Maga Dog [add]
12. Bad Boys [add]

Guilty 'Til Proved Innocent! (1998) 01. Tears in My Beer [add]
02. Call Me Names [add]
03. Fearful [add]
04. It's You [add]
05. Bonediggin' [add]
06. All Gone Wrong [add]
07. No Big Deal [add]
08. Leave It Out [add]
09. Keep on Learning [add]
10. Fantasize [add]
11. Place in Life [add]
12. Stand Up [add]
13. My Tears Come Falling Down Like Rain [add]
14. The Man With No Name [add]
15. Running Away [add]
16. Rat Race [live] [add]
17. Concrete Jungle [live] [add]
18. Gangsters [live] [add]

Blue Plate Specials Live (1999) 01. Gangsters [add]
02. Do the Dog [add]
03. Stupid Marriage [add]
04. Nite Klub [add]
05. Too Much Too Young [add]
06. Little Bitch [add]
07. Skinhead Moonstomp [add]
08. Concrete Jungle [add]
09. Rock & Roll Nightmare [add]
10. Look But Don't Touch [add]
11. It's Up to You [add]
12. Jay Walker [add]
13. (Dawning of A) New Era [add]
14. Blank Expression [add]
15. Wake Up [add]

Ghost Town: Live at Montreaux Jazz Festival 1995 (1999) 01. (Dawning of A) New Era [add]
02. Do the Dog [add]
03. Rat Race [add]
04. It's Up to You [add]
05. Man at C & A [add]
06. Hey, Little Rich Girl [add]
07. Wear You to the Ball [add]
08. Rude Boys Outta Jail [add]
09. Do Nothing [add]
10. Pressure Drop [add]
11. Doesn't Make It Alright [add]
12. Stupid Marriage [add]
13. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think) [add]
14. Too Much Too Young [add]
15. Message to You Rudy [add]
16. Concrete Jungle [add]
17. Gangsters [add]
18. Too Hot [add]
19. Monkey Man [add]
20. The Farmyard Connection [add]
21. Ghost Town [add]

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