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Tony Hymas lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Flying Fortress (0000) 01. 6000 Miles Away [add]
02. The Great Wheel [add]
03. So English [add]
04. Icu [add]
05. Bleak Bleak [add]
06. Lunch Time Automatic Ballet [add]
07. Lullaby [add]
08. My Arabian Dream [add]
09. Superhero 2 [add]
10. Pictures of Departure [add]
11. Flying Fortress [add]

A Winter's Tale (1993) 01. A Winter's Tale [add]
02. Bruce and the Spider [add]
03. Snap [add]
04. Samba-JS [add]
05. Lonesome Traveler Song [add]
06. Too Deep for Tears [add]
07. Amenagement du Pr?able [add]
08. Border Ballad [add]

Remake of the American Dream (1995) 01. Wolf Love Song [add]
02. Metonymy [add]
03. The Fire Kettle [add]
04. Enceinte Silence [add]
05. Abridged (For Young Indian Boys Who Kill Themselves and Mothers ...) [add]
06. What Indians Talk About on Starlit Roads [add]
07. Rabbit Dance [add]
08. Celebration Song [add]
09. Remake of the American Dream, Pt. 200 [add]
10. The Memory Sire [add]
11. Too Sacred for Owls [add]
12. For Louis Riel [add]
13. No More [add]
14. Ancient War Song [add]
15. He Oh Paloma [add]
16. Lenna Woh Hippelutha [add]
17. Lenna Wawe [add]
18. Listening to Edith Piaf (In Tommy's Good House) [add]
19. A Sense of Journey [add]
20. Riding Oklahoma [add]
21. Blessing Song [add]
22. War Song [add]
23. Alert [add]
24. From Dreams of the Native [add]
25. On Sarah's Mourning Road (After Burying Her Son Pahoo) [add]
26. Dreamfast (Segments Remaining) [add]
27. Fleeting Hope (A Last Song for Children) [add]
28. Intimidation Song [add]
29. Eagle Feather Song [add]
30. Left for Dead (Prisoners of the American Dream)(for Leonard Peltier) [add]
31. Left for Dead, Pt. 2 [add]
32. Not in America ! [add]
33. Contrary to Popular Belief [add]
34. On Gene Rose Calling Me About Grandda Little Coon (Taken to ...) [add]
35. Another Road for Creek Sounds [add]
36. I Saw an Eagle Fly [add]
37. Direction in Our Blood (For Two Suns Phil and Colin) [add]
38. Wild Horse Riding Song [add]
39. Murmer of Blood (For My Two Sons) [add]
40. At the Doorway of Lost Names [add]

Hope Street MN (2002) 01. In a Sense [add]
02. Allamambasalsalala [add]
03. Point to Point [add]
04. 9 Regrets [add]
05. Petit Chant d'Espoir [add]
06. Anything You Can Do [add]
07. Condition of the Heart [add]
08. Quanah Parker [add]
09. Just Calling for You [add]
10. So... Turns the Worm [add]
11. Cousin Wendy [add]

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