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Ian Dury lyrics
Genre: Rock
New Boots and Panties!! (1977) 01. Wake Up and Make Love With Me [add]
02. Sweet Gene Vincent [add]
03. I'm Partial to Your Abracadabra [add]
04. My Old Man [add]
05. Billericay Dickie [add]
06. Clevor Trever [add]
07. If I Was With a Woman [add]
08. Blockheads [add]
09. Plaistow Patricia [add]
10. Blackmail Man [add]
11. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll [*] [add]
12. Razzle in My Pocket [#/*] [add]
13. You're More Than Fair [#/*] [add]
14. England's Glory [live/#/*] [add]
15. What a Waste! [#/*] [add]

Do It Yourself (1979) 01. Inbetweenies [add]
02. Quiet [add]
03. Don't Ask Me [add]
04. Sink My Boats [add]
05. Waiting for Your Taxi [add]
06. This Is What We Find [add]
07. Uneasy Sunny Day Hoysy Totsy [add]
08. Mischief [add]
09. Dance of the Screamers [add]
10. Lullaby for Francies [add]

Laughter (1980) 01. Superman's Big Sister [add]
02. Pardon [add]
03. Delusions of Grandeur [add]
04. Yes and No (Paula) [add]
05. Dance of the Crackpots [add]
06. Over the Points [add]
07. Take Your Elbow Out of the Soup You're Sitting on the Chicken [add]
08. Uncoolohol [add]
09. Hey, Hey, Take Me Away [add]
10. Manic Depression (Jimi) [add]
11. Oh Mr. Peanut [add]
12. F**king Ada [add]

Lord Upminster (1981) 01. Spasticus (Autisticus) [add]
02. Red (Letter) [add]
03. The Body Song [add]
04. Lonely (Town) [add]
05. Trust (Is a Must) [add]
06. Funky Disco (Pops) [add]
07. Girls (Watching) [add]
08. Wait (For Me) [add]

Warts 'n' Audience [live] (1991) 01. Intro [add]
02. Wake Up and Make Love With Me [add]
03. Clevor Trever [add]
04. Inbetweenies [add]
05. If I Was With a Woman [add]
06. Billericay Dickie [add]
07. Quiet [add]
08. My Old Man [add]
09. Spasticus (Autisticus) [add]
10. Plaistow Patricia [add]
11. There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards [add]
12. Sweet Gene Vincent [add]
13. What a Waste! [add]
14. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick [add]
15. Blockheads [add]
16. Reasons to Be Cheerful, Pt. 3 [add]

The Bus Driver's Prayer and Other Stories (1992) 01. That's Enough of That [add]
02. Bill Haley's Last Words [add]
03. Poor Joey [add]
04. Quick Quick Slow [add]
05. Fly in the Ointment [add]
06. O'Donegal [add]
07. Poo-Poo in the Prawn [add]
08. Have a Word [add]
09. London Talking [add]
10. D'Orine the Cow [add]
11. Your Horoscope [add]
12. No Such Thing as Love [add]
13. Two Old Dogs Without a Name [add]
14. Bus Driver's Prayer [add]

Mr. Love Pants (1998) 01. Jack Shit George [add]
02. The Passing Show [add]
03. You're My Baby [add]
04. Honeysuckle Highway [add]
05. Itinerant Child [add]
06. Geraldine [add]
07. Cacka Boom lyrics
08. Bed 'O' Roses No. 9 [add]
09. Heavy Living [add]
10. Mash It Up Harry [add]

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